Holiday Traditions at Castle Hill

     The holiday season has officially taken off and families and friends have begun all kinds of special traditions to bring in the cheer and celebrate. For the people of Ipswich, Massachusetts, a special holiday tradition is visiting Castle Hill on The Crane Estate. For the past fifteen years, Dana Markos Events has taken part in the set up of the house along side of other talented venders we have had the privilege of getting to know throughout our time there.

      Over the years, we have featured our work in many parts of the house, and always tried to come up with new and interesting ideas to keep the public engaged, and this year was no exception. The room we were asked to design was the dining room, and we were thrilled to work on it, especially with the assistance of Alexander Westerhoff who provided the antique furniture, and Peterson Party Center who provided the china, stemware, and flat ware.

By using such a long and wide table, we were able create the perfect dinner table for twelve for a special holiday meal.

We wanted to use a variety of pieces down the center of the table, as you can see, we have dishes of fruit and nuts, story books, candles, and several different floral arrangements.

Different styles of vases we’re spread out throughout the room that held bunches of fresh white and red roses, greens, berries, and fruit. 

Different sizes and shapes of candles were used to give the table some extra ambiance. From the light coming off of the chandelier, the string lights on the mantles and tree, and the flickering candles, this room seemed to glow as the sun went down.

 The tree was adorned with delicate antique ornaments topped with an elegant angel. Underneath, visitors could see a pair of antique ice skates and statue of Santa Clause.

One of our favorite pictures from the night showed the warm and inviting nature that we created for the room for this special holiday tradition.

      Castle Hill puts on this beautiful event every year in anticipation for the holiday season. With the smell of fresh cookies and hot apple cider filling the entire mansion, the guests come bounding inside to celebrate the upcoming festivities. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? 

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