Unique Bouquet Handles

Nikki Cole Photography
In our business we specialize in taking something ordinary and giving it a special and imaginative look to make our clients event
memorable in every way. When creating the Bridal Bouquet, it is important to us to go above and beyond and make our Bride’s personal flowers perfect and unique. Picking out the color scheme and types of flowers is where it all begins, but as we’ve learned over the years, it’s the small details that really make an event.

Adding ribbon to the stems of the Bridal Bouquet is a popular choice that our clients make because it can give them a totally new aesthetic. Some brides prefer to have the stems of the flowers showing and tied together in the middle with a vibrant burst of color, while others request we cover the stems completely, most often in a color that will match their dress. 

M&J Bridal Salon
When clients want to make their stems look a little bit more unique, they often ask us to adorn other materials to the stems, in addition to the ribbon. A beautiful look for weddings with more of a contemporary and trendy theme is adding crystals and rhinestones to the handle to give the bride some extra sparkle. Weddings that have a more traditional or classic theme often opt for pearls or other beading to give their bouquet detail without the flash.


Some of our clients want to use their bouquet handle as a chance to honor someone who could not be with them on their big day. Brides have asked us to incorporate a small photo or keepsake representing them, so they can be there in spirit. We have attached all kinds of objects including tiny pictures, lockets, and other jewelry to the Bride’s flowers and they always express how special it was for them to have it with them during the ceremony. Some of our past bride’s have even used this opportunity to carry something old, new, borrowed, or blue with them! An old piece of their mother’s wedding dress, borrowed pearls, blue embroidered swatches of material, we’ve seen it all, and we to attach to their bouquet handle!

BKB Photography
The wedding planning process can get a little frustrating, especially if your trying to combine the ideas of yourself, your groom, your mother, your planner, etc. The Bridal Bouquet is one place were the bride’s ideas are most important! Whether you want to keep it simple, or make a statement, your bridal bouquet is a great way to make sure the details that are important to you make it into your wedding.  And although not everyone at your wedding may see the fine detail of your bouquet handle, on that day it is intimate to you and should give you all the emotion you want from it!

Vendor Spotlight: Person & Killian Photography

We're so excited to bring you the fabulous and talented Jill Person and Lauren Killian of Person & Killian Photography.  We've had the pleasure of working with them on many events, and they are as incredible people as they are incredible photographers.  Read below to get an inside look into their successful business as well as what they love about photographing events for so many interesting clients.  You can learn more about Person and Killian on their website at www.personkillian.com or blog at www.personkillianblog.com.  You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.  Enjoy!

1.) We've had the pleasure of working with you on events in the past, and your photos always capture the beautiful moments of the day! Can you give us a little history of your business? When/where did you start your photography?

Both Lauren and I went to school for photography - Jill right away with a BA of Science (Photography concentration) from Salem State and Laurén attended the New England School of Photography after graduating from taking a photography class in Italy while earning her degree from Quinnipiac University.  We started the business in 2004 from our homes and moved into our current Newbury Street location in 2005. In 2010 we expanded the business with a second office in Newport, RI.

 2.) What is the experience usually like when planning with the bride and groom?  Is there a lot of compromise on various type of photos?

Typically whomever meets with the couple initially will be the one who deals with the couple throughout the whole process. Whichever one of us meets with the client we also do their engagement session, wedding and all post production (editing, albums etc).

We do not shoot the weddings together so it is either Laurén or myself and one of our associates (all professional photographers rather than assistants).

We find that the majority of people who come and meet with us understand what it is we do and put all of their trust in us on the day of to do what we do best.

3.) What is the most unique, or amazing, or a favorite photo you've ever taken and why?

There are so many. It's capturing the emotion in a split second that tells the story of the day, a family relationship, the love of the couple, etc.  From the first look when the couple sees each other throughout the end of the night we have countless opportunities to capture these photos that the client will cherish and share with their families

4.) It seems like boudoir photography became really popular in 2010, are there any new trends coming up in the 2011 wedding season that you've noticed?

It's early in the season but we are thinking that ballroom weddings will be popular with more traditional elements with the upcoming Royal Wedding.  Boston is a traditional city with so many fantastic venues and locations for classic and timeless portraits (while still keeping the photo-journalistic candid style for the more emotional moments).


Wedding Table Icebreakers

Ever been seated at a wedding only to find your surrounded by 7 other people you’ve never met before? Sometimes it’s hard to jump into conversation, especially if everyone else seems to know each other already. To ensure your guests don’t experience this awkwardness on your special day, planning a small activity for the table can be the perfect icebreaker. 

Photography from Wedding Crashers

            Trivia Cards: Trivia Cards can be placed at each place setting instead of menu cards with questions about the bride and groom, the location of the event, or even pop culture. By getting your guests to interact and take turns reading off their questions and yelling out answers, the group will begin to feel comfortable with each other and conversations will begin to flow more easily.
Photography from

            Fortune Cookies: Having custom made fortune cookies made for your event is relatively inexpensive per cookie, and can be a great way for people to interact at their table. By having jokes, riddles, or even words of wisdom printed on the fortune slips, your guests can enjoy a small treat while finding out what each person’s fortune reads.

            Flip Video Camera: Flip video cameras are incredibly user friendly, and are a great way for your guests to interact and as a bonus you’ll get a great keepsake video. This video camera is tiny, compact, and holds up to two hours of video footage. Ask your guests to pass the camera and record each other telling a story about the bride and groom! It can be a special memory, a funny story, or even an inside joke. Your guests will be able to laugh with each other and hear about how other people at the table know the couple.

            Disposable Camera: You’ll surely have a professional photographer circling the room during the wedding, but by leaving disposable cameras at each table, your guests will be able to provide some less formal, more candid style photos throughout the night. Guests at each table can capture the moments you won’t get to experience during your event and start interacting with each other in the process. Not only will your guests have fun trying to take a great batch of pictures, but you’ll have a great time going through them after they get printed.

            Ultimately,  making your guests comfortable with the people they are sitting with will make your entire event more enjoyable for the entire group. Breaking the ice early in the event will make everything go more smoothly, from eating and cutting the cake, to dancing the night away.  

Photography from Shandrophoto.com

Erin and Andrea - The Crane Estate

I had the pleasure of meeting a special couple two weeks ago at my Studio in Boston to discuss the design for their October wedding.  The energy in that meeting told me immediately that I wanted to share my creativity for their special day.  Just last week they booked Dana Markos Events to share in their day, and are very excited!!

I introduce to you Erin and Andrea, two very special women who will be working intensely with me to design and plan their spectacular wedding event.  They met after a post online and agreed to a first date at the club cafe in Boston, talked for hours getting to know each other and found calm with each other.  Three years later, with very busy law careers, they continue to make each other laugh........ and they love to laugh!!

So, I had this great idea to use our blog as a way to follow a couple leading up to their wedding day.  Over the next six months I will be sharing with you many aspects of the planning Erin, Andrea and I will be exploring.  Their design choices and inspiration board will be highlighted as on ongoing blog to update you on their progress.

As with so many weddings today it begins with a Save-The-Date.  The unique layout of Erin and Andrea's tells you their event will be one of unique style and elegant whimsy.
We'll continue taking you on the exciting journey as Dana Markos Events helps plan this special day for this very fun couple.

Rent the Runway - a fashionable alternative....

Not only does a wedding day require a great deal of thought when it comes to attire, but the many parties leading up to the special day will also require a cute dress.  Between engagement parties, bridal showers, bridesmaid teas, rehearsal dinners, and post-wedding brunches, there are a number of outfits you'll need for all these parties.  Instead of worrying about buying a new dress, check out Rent the Runway where you can get an oh-so-fabulous designer dress for a fraction of the actual cost.  Designer dresses are all just a click away.  The site is also organized so that you can shop by Occasion and you can save your Bridesmaids some money by renting their designer dresses.  You can also extend your rental and take these cute dresses with you on your honeymoon.  Check out a few of our favorites:

Engagement Party Dress
Vera Wang Prussian Satin Strapless Dress - Rent $200 (Retails for $1,250)
Rehearsal Dinner Dress
Lela Rose Floral Couture Dress - Rent $150 (Retails for $1,295)
 Bridal Shower Dress
Prabal Gurung Gown - Rent $250 (Retails for $1,795)

Bridesmaid Tea Dress
Lilly Pulitzer Lemon Sorbet Dress - Rent $50 (Retails for $298)
Bachelorette Party Dress
Herve Leger Dark Night Bandage Dress - Rent $150 (Retails for $1,450)

Post-Wedding Brunch Dress
Thread Social Pomegranate Martini Dress - Rent $50 (Retails for $450)

Bridesmaid Dresses 
Diane von Furstenberg - Rent $100 (Retails for $795)

David Meister Patriotic Wonder Gown - Rent $100 (Retails for $575)
Nicole Miller Dress - Rent $50 (Retails for $430)

So, there you have it,  a great sampling of options that are beautiful, fashionable and chic!
Be sure to check the website out and and spread the word!!

Chronicle: A Media Event for Dana Markos Events!!

Well, it all started by seeing a post on Facebook asking if anyone had a Friday Wedding between now and April 15th.  I did, so I sent Shayna Seymour of Chronicle a note telling her the overview of the couple and their upcoming wedding.  After a little research on her part Shayna contacted me and said the couple was chosen to be featured for a Chronicle show that will air the evening prior to the Royal Wedding!  Very exciting, to say the least!

A few days later Shayna called back and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed for a segment, within the show, on the Royal wedding and trends that may be a result of Kate and William's wedding choices.  So we welcomed her into the studio last Friday for an informative hour displaying a beautiful table set with fine china, crystal and flatware.  For photo opportunities I designed two bridal bouquets and two centerpiece arrangements, one high and one low, to show options of what brides are choosing for their events.

The first arrangement we displayed was a low design in a lovely footed crystal bowl featuring all spring colors and flowers.  Included was the gorgeous blooms of Camillia. This particular flower was chosen because of its Royal ties.  The Camillia was the Queen Mother's favorite flower.  In fact, at every home the Queen Mum lived there were gardens of Camillias.  At her passing, a bloom was placed with her for all eternity.  I would not be surprised to see Kate and William use this flower somewhere in the wedding as they seem to be paying homage to tradition while maintaining just enough of a modern twist to appeal to their generation.

For the second arrangement I chose a tall traditional style flute to honor the pomp and circumstance befitting a Royal event.  I chose Hydrangea, tulips, roses, hyacinth and sweet pea in a palette of lavenders and whites.  Rising from the center were branches of curly willow dripping with crystals to create an opulent look, yet modern sparkle.

As if this excitement isn't enough, they will be featuring our April wedding, so you will see that event in its glory.  It is sure to be a stunner and promise you it will not disappoint.  All in all, a great media event for Dana Markos Events!  In addition, other professionals from the industry will be featured and one of our favorite's Person and Killian will be sharing their expertise and incredible talent!  We love them!!

The show will air on Chronicle Thursday, April 28th at 7:30.  Be sure to tune in to WCVB -TV Channel 5.  Mark your calendar and be sure to add a foot note to come back, visit our blog and post a comment of your thoughts...we welcome your feedback!

Shayna was an absolute pleasure!
All smiles awaiting the two bridal bouquets I presented to them at the end of the session!
Thank you!

Updated Studio Space

Have you been to our North End Studio?  Well, you may not have heard, but the studio has received a face lift and we have a few new exciting partners sharing this great space with us.

We couldn't be more excited to working with these amazingly talented wedding professionals:

Let us know if you want to schedule a meeting in the North End studio and we would be happy to show you  around.

Vendor Spotlight: Jenny's Wedding Cakes

One of the best parts of working in the event industry is meeting so many incredibly talented people.  One of those people is Jenny Williamson of Jenny's Wedding Cakes.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jenny as well as partnering with her on many endeavors. You can reach Jenny on her website at www.jencakes.com or follow her on facebook.
DM: We've had the pleasure of working with you on events in the past, and your desserts always look amazing! Can you give us a little history of you business? When/where did you learn how to bake/design?

JENNY: I have been baking and cooking from an early age and always had a background in art. I started a catering business which led to making desserts for restaurants. A friend asked me to make her wedding cake which led to doing the research on wedding cakes. I instantly fell in love and quit everything else to focus on wedding cakes as well as the wedding industry.

DM: When working with a bride and groom on their wedding cake what is the experience usually like? Who usually takes charge? Is there a lot of compromise on flavor and design?

JENNY: I conduct private consultations in the library of my home (my commercial kitchen is attached to my home but separate). During the meeting I ask a lot of questions about the wedding and the couple to get a feel for their style and personality as well as what kind of atmosphere they are trying to achieve for the reception. From there I sketch a few ideas for them based on elements they'd like to incorporate. I really want to make every cake unique, adding as much of their personality into it as we can. We also do a tasting at that time of flavors I've selected to represent our whole menu, which is pretty extensive. So, basically they come to me, we sit down and chat about their wedding and eat cake, not too tough!

DM: What is the most unique, amazing, or your favorite cake you've ever made (design and flavor)?

JENNY: I tend to be drawn towards the more delicate and feminine styles so they are all pretty special to me. I love making sugar flowers so anything with our flowers are unique. We make a lot of figurines out of sugar, like the couple, or a special pet. We've done many amazing and dramatic cakes, like seven tiers separated with all sugar flowers and crystals but I still like our signature style the most.

DM: Are there any new trends coming up for the 2011 wedding season in cake design?

JENNY: I'm seeing lots of texture, mostly in white. I am also seeing very large or tall cakes, more than usual and also lots of paisleys and ruffles. We do a lot of sugar flowers and more and more personalized figurines (hand made) so that is becoming more trendy. Natural elements are always popular as well metallics.  Groom's cakes are also getting more and more popular.
As far as flavors and such, red velvet is still a trend but we do a lot of tropical flavors such as our mango passion fruit cake as well as rich flavors like banana mocha toffee.  We are getting a lot more requests for gluten free and vegan cakes. We offer all organic upon request and that market is growing as well.


Outstanding as always!!!!!
Thank you Jenny for your talent and exquisite work!