Baby Shower Bliss

This was a baby shower for the history books!  What a gorgeous extravaganza to welcome a new life into the world!  When Donna Kim of The Perfect Details asked me to join her and design the florals for this event, there was no question that answer would be yes!  First, the opportunity to work with Donna is never taken lightly.  Her energy, organization and wonderful manner makes her a consummate planner and a pleasure to work with.  Secondly, Donna gave me the color palette to work with and let me soar with color combinations and textures.  One of the highlights featured in the event were origami cranes in lavender, cream and sage.  We incorporated these into the centerpieces as well.

Nothing better in January than to give the event a tease and taste of spring uprising.  Our designers used lush flowers like dutch pink hygrangea, lavender mini callas, coral roses, lavender anemones, coral tulips and so much more!!

Fun stuff.....a cake and cupcakes made from towels!

....And then of course there is the REAL thing....fantabulous cupcakes form Jenny's Wedding Cakes in Amesbury.  One word:  Scrumptious :)

 Food and presentation was outstanding by Timothy Hopkins Catering!

Now here is my weakness.....many of the guests were treated to a candy bar created by Donna Kim of The Perfect Wedding Details,.... YUM!

Guys will be guys and besides what else is there to do for a guy at a shower except to play games and get in to some mischief!

A nice Frosty Ice Sculpture of a crane to tie in with the rest of the theme.....

Besides the adorable T-shirt edible cookie favors, every place setting was garnished with a fresh cymbidium orchid in lite pink and a few wisps of the fragrant lavender flower.

Ahhhhh, the essence of a spring bloom captured in this still image......beautiful, near flawless and so gracefull!

Photography: Christopher Dumas

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