Cubist Pharmaceuticals Holiday Party - Part 2

Just when you thought it couldn't get better than yesterday's post with the entrance and one of the cocktail areas of this magnificent party, we now have the main areas to share with you!

When guests walked into the main cocktail and dance area of the party they found themselves in a room enveloped with candlelight and white flowers.  In the center of the room was an oyster and shrimp bar served on an ice bar. 

The candlelight was accented with white dendrobium orchids submerged in the vases and white cymbidium orchids scattered around the pillar candles.

To continue the whimsical and majestic feel from the candles as well as the winter wonderland effect that met them at the entryway, white orchid branches hung from the opening which divided the dancing area.  Candlelight and uplighting was used to further soften the look and the vases below the hanging branches were filled with a clear bead gel for a playful surprise. A combination of curly willow and manzanita branch was used to create this effect.

As guests turn the corner into the next room we wanted to keep the soft, elegant look of the previous room and therefore created an all-white theme throughout with white tablecloths, chiavari bar stools, and modern, eclectic centerpieces of dendrobium orchids and calla lilies with phalaenopsis orchids in low vases as accents on the tables.  Pin lighting was used on the centerpieces to compliment and the votive candles were added on each table for more ambient lighting. 

These were cocktail tables in the same room but we accented with a lite blue crystal gel to give it a cool, ice feeling.

Enter the next room and guests got the perfect marriage of the white accents they've seen throughout with the aubergine splendor that awaited them in the final dance room.  The merging of soft elegance and rich glamor was created by using the same centerpieces from the white room but combined with bold aubergine tablecloths and dark, urban-style bar chairs.  The final touch was done by adding a bronze-colored gel to the white centerpieces on the cocktail tables, which was the perfect sneak peak to what awaited them in the next room.

When guests made their way to the dance floor they entered a room that screamed "lets party", with the use of rich, deep aubergine throughout.  The monochromatic color-scheme created an overall dramatic feel while still letting each individual detail of the flowers, bronze gel, and metallic vases stand out.  The look was completed with uplighting around the windows and bar for the ultimate nightclub lounge vibe.

This was truly a party that celebrated a great company and its fantastic employees!!

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