The Summer Wind, Came Blowin' in - from Across the Sea; Regatta Season is Upon us!

 Marblehead Harbor - Summer 2010

It has always been my opinion that if life and freedom shared a scent, it would be the fresh smell of sea air in the summer wind on a perfect day.  The sailboat, the open ocean, the smell of the sea air, and a perfect summer breeze, all of these things evoke a feeling of endless possibilities.  Your adrenaline is soaring, your trying not to let your surrounding and nerves get the best of you, and you keep as calm as possible because you remember one thing:  this is the love of your life.  Much like a the mixed feelings and beauty of a sailing regatta, so too can these emotions describe one's wedding day.  As summer is upon us (it's only in a couple of months, you know!), I just couldn't resist posting on one of my all-time favorites; The Regatta.

Place a tall, beautiful pedestal of sterling silver in the center of your table - fill this with an abundance of white flowers for a fresh look.
The rule of thumb here is to follow the rules of the three C's:  Clean, Classic, Creative.  Drape your table in a clean white linen, add classic china and flatware, and fun nautical colors for that creative twist!
Clean & Classic China - These plates represent portholes!
Atop our porthole plates place individual two-tier cake adorned with crisp white fondant, red roping, and navy ribbon from Jenny's Wedding Cakes - it doesn't get more American or  nautical than that, unless....
Castle Hill, Ipswich, MA
you place nautical flags on the backs of each chair.  Representing initials, these flags can add a great personal touch and make your guests feel as if they are truly a part of your special day!
Streaming ribbons of navy, red, and white trail from the tall pedestal centerpiece, and gold and silver buttons add a time-honored look, while still feeling fresh.
Antique sterling silver trophy cups from those generations of yachtsmen in your family will grace your table.
Antique nautical elements such as a brass compass add the feeling of a bygone era, also add a few sailboat shaped chocolates from Harbor Sweets so that your guests can interact with the decor!
This beauty of a bouquet evokes a feeling of restrained elegance;
incorporate a classic navy & white ribbon as well as a beautiful piece of etched scrimshaw.
 Just perfect!

The Boston Yacht Club, Marblehead, MA
Here's to a beautiful summer in 2011 filled with regatta romance....

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