Wedding Table Icebreakers

Ever been seated at a wedding only to find your surrounded by 7 other people you’ve never met before? Sometimes it’s hard to jump into conversation, especially if everyone else seems to know each other already. To ensure your guests don’t experience this awkwardness on your special day, planning a small activity for the table can be the perfect icebreaker. 

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            Trivia Cards: Trivia Cards can be placed at each place setting instead of menu cards with questions about the bride and groom, the location of the event, or even pop culture. By getting your guests to interact and take turns reading off their questions and yelling out answers, the group will begin to feel comfortable with each other and conversations will begin to flow more easily.
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            Fortune Cookies: Having custom made fortune cookies made for your event is relatively inexpensive per cookie, and can be a great way for people to interact at their table. By having jokes, riddles, or even words of wisdom printed on the fortune slips, your guests can enjoy a small treat while finding out what each person’s fortune reads.

            Flip Video Camera: Flip video cameras are incredibly user friendly, and are a great way for your guests to interact and as a bonus you’ll get a great keepsake video. This video camera is tiny, compact, and holds up to two hours of video footage. Ask your guests to pass the camera and record each other telling a story about the bride and groom! It can be a special memory, a funny story, or even an inside joke. Your guests will be able to laugh with each other and hear about how other people at the table know the couple.

            Disposable Camera: You’ll surely have a professional photographer circling the room during the wedding, but by leaving disposable cameras at each table, your guests will be able to provide some less formal, more candid style photos throughout the night. Guests at each table can capture the moments you won’t get to experience during your event and start interacting with each other in the process. Not only will your guests have fun trying to take a great batch of pictures, but you’ll have a great time going through them after they get printed.

            Ultimately,  making your guests comfortable with the people they are sitting with will make your entire event more enjoyable for the entire group. Breaking the ice early in the event will make everything go more smoothly, from eating and cutting the cake, to dancing the night away.  

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