Andrea & Erin's Wedding Cake Journey

The planning of Andrea and Erin's wedding continues.........

Today's blog takes you on Andrea and Erin's cake journey to find the ultimate wedding cake for them and their guests.  The quest for the cake began on a Friday afternoon when they headed to Jenny's Wedding Cakes in Amesbury, a boutique wedding cake designer who is at the top of her game.  Upon their arrival, Andrea, Erin and Erin's Mom, Karen were welcomed by Jenny and seated in her library/tasting room of her elegant home. Once settled, they were able to review portfolio work and share in a scrumptious tasting of Jenny's samples, especially baked for them.  I'm always envious of this part of the planning process and am still trying to get someone to invite me to their tasting!!

Jenny's Wedding Cakes, Photography by Corinna Ranikov
As promised I cannot reveal all the details as there must be an element of surprise for the guests on wedding day and of course it does help me keep the secret with Andrea's promise that I will get a corner piece...double the frosting, I am in HEAVEN!!!

Martha Stewart Weddings

However,  I can reveal a few details that won't spoil the surprise for Andrea and Erin's guests and certainly plan to here.  I have already told Andrea that they will be able to find me under the cake table lying in wait!!
I do know that special flowers created in sugar form by Jenny will adorn the cake in a deep rich color and will cascade down the tiers. How many tiers you wonder??'ll have to wait and see! The cake will impress you in form and taste, there is no doubt!  The flowers planned and color are sure to be awe inspiring!
Decadent, chocolatey, and a variety of flavor are some buzz words I can use to describe this Masterpiece in waiting!

I do know the secret of the flavors and all I am at liberty to say is OH MY GOD!!...mouth watering, taste pleasing, to-die-for cake experience! I cannot tell anymore,....... of course send me a cupcake or a cake and I may be bribed to spill the beans!
Sedona Cake Couture
All the while Andrea and Erin's idea of keeping everything about the wedding with a simple elegance and natural ambience will be kept true to their inspiration...right down to the cake and all the detail.

I can promise you the topper on their cake will leave the guest no doubt of where they stand as a couple!!

So the cake has been decided, check mark that off the list and on to another piece of the planning puzzle to endeavor towards a SPECTACULAR event!

For most couples, if not all, the process of choosing a cake is one of the most fun and gratifying.... and tasty.  We look forward to the final display in October , meanwhile to all the guests invited who are reading Bon Apetite!

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  1. This is exciting, can't wait to see what they decide!


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