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If the words "traditional" and "conservative" are two things you would never say about yourself, keep reading! One of the latest trends we have seen throughout the event industry is bringing in lounge furniture to give your space an entirely new and contemporary look.

The most inspiring thing about lounge furniture is that based on the venue, the lighting, and the type of event the client is looking for, we can use it to create an entirely new aesthetic!

CORT Events Portfolio: Black Swan VIP Lounge at The Next Cool Thing - Photo by Chieu Lee
Cort Event Furnishings
For someone looking for a hip and cutting edge night club style, this furniture can take a standard open space, and transform it. The clean lines and stark white color of these leather couches are totally modern and are able to break up the large empty room into smaller, more intimate sections. With dim lighting, and a few special accents like glowing tables, this room is ready for a great party.

Party By Design
By bringing lounge furniture outdoors, the concept completely changes to a more laid back, but equally as contemporary feel. Having an area sectioned off into a small room in the middle of an expansive open area creates a more inviting atmosphere for guests and offers a place for guests to relax and get to know each other before sitting down for a formal dinner.

Party By Design

Party By Design

Lounge furniture is a great way to fill an open space with something more aesthetically pleasing then leaving it bare. By bringing in couches, tables, interesting shapes, and lighting, we can create an entirely new look for a once average venue. As a new and upcoming trend of events to come, this look will definitely have your guests in awe. 

Party By Design

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