Seaside Wedding Show 2011

This year's Seaside Wedding Show at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate was even more exciting and beautiful than last year! It was amazing to get together with so many awesome vendors from across the events industry, including Jenny's Wedding Cakes, Vinwoods Catering, and The Perfect Details, just to name a few! This year we designed our table using inspiration from The Age of Innocence but with a contemporary feel.

By incorporating sleek flatware, stemware, and Acrylic chairs, we were able to provide this traditional look with a modern infusion and keep the elegance and style of The Age of Innocence with traditional china and linens.

The floral design for the table was a tall fluted vase with a large centerpiece arrangement. The flowers consisted of white Hydrangea, light pink Roses, purple Calla Lillies, Cymbidium Orchids, Hanging Amaranthus, Curly Willow and Pussy Willow. By adding crystals to the top of the arrangement, this floral design keeps a modern feel.

Notice our place cards made by Donna Kim of The Perfect Details! We asked Donna to make us circular cards and we came up with trivia questions printed on the back to give future brides and grooms some inspiration in keeping their table design more exciting and interesting! With a couple other details, like the gold beaded napkin holders and an amazing vintage lace scarf we draped across the bottom of the centerpiece, our display looks like the perfect table!  

We also brought in a couple of gorgeous bouquets to show any future brides visiting the show some of our other designs! The first bouquet is bright pink, and made up of Roses and Calla Lillies with some crystal accents, covered stems, and a small rhinestoned butterfly for a special detail. The second bouquet is primarily white, with a couple other pops of color. It is made up of white Frayed Tulips and green Cymbidium Orchids, and has the stems tied off in white ribbon.

The Seaside Wedding Show was a great event, and it was wonderful to see a few clients, and tons of new faces! We're very happy with the response from the show, and looking forward to working with some great people for the future. For all who missed out this year, be sure to check it out next Spring, because it promises to be another amazing experience! A very special thanks to Peterson Party Rentals for the linens and chairs, Bloomingdales of Chestnut Hill for the gorgeous china, stemware, and flatware, and Donna Kim of The Perfect Details for the awesome place cards. 


  1. I love the gold flatware. Are they plastic? if so where can I find them?

  2. I love the gold flatware (silverware). Are they plastic? if so where could I find them for my wedding reception?


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