Upgrade Your Old Bridesmaid Dresses!

Could you put Katherine Heigl's closet full of 27 ugly bridesmaid dresses to shame? Maybe it's time to make some room and get something new and beautiful in return! Newlymaid.com is an awesome new website that allows woman to mail in an old bridesmaid dress, and in return they receive a major discount on one of six beautiful dresses, suitable for any special occasion.

Newlymaid.com recycles the old gown properly, so not only will it stop polluting your closet, but be better for the earth as well! The dresses that you will have to choose from in return will be something you won't need to get rid of, all of the styles are classic looks, from sizes 0-18, in the perfect color for every woman, black! Check out some of the designs below and be wowed by what you can get in exchange for some of the horrible 80's puffy sleeved numbers you certainly won't miss.




Don't let those old dresses waste space in your closet for one more second! Head over to newlymaid.com and request a pre-paid mailer for free! Send in your old dress, and check out the amazing discounts you can get on a brand new one! 

The Groom's Cake

From the dress to the table linens, the Bride tends to make most of the decisions when planning her wedding. One trend that seems to be making its way across dessert tables is The Groom's Cake. This cake is served in addition to the traditional style wedding cake, but usually depicts something a little more personal to the Groom's taste, from flavor to design. As a Bride, why not show your husband-to-be exactly how well you know him by surprising him with the perfect Groom's Cake!

These cakes are generally much smaller than a traditional wedding cake, so as far as flavor goes, it's easier to pick something unique. Some choose to enrich the cake with liquor, while others go for an entirely different texture like cheesecake. The design is where many bakers are challenged! With such a variety of Groom's interests, we were able to find an awesome amount of different theme cakes! From golf clubs to Xbox game consoles, Brides are coming up with all kinds of ideas to impress their Grooms!

Jenny's Wedding Cakes

Jenny's Wedding Cakes

Jenny's Wedding Cakes

Jenny's Wedding Cakes

Jenny's Wedding Cakes

Cakes by Vicki

The Bride knows everything about their husband-to-be! From favorite sports teams, to favorite video games. Take this perfect opportunity and make arrangements for an awesome cake to surprise him. It will give you the chance to bring something new and different to your event, and make your Groom smile!

Comfort Foods With Some Oomph!

Capers Catering
When planning a wedding, it quickly becomes apparent what the most important thing to the clients is. For some it is the flowers, for others, it’s the music, but for many it is the Menu. New trends emerge in the Catering industry constantly, and one that has recently sparked our interest is Wedding Comfort Foods. It’s the idea of taking traditional foods that everyone loves, spicing it up, and making it a contemporary and elegant dish!

When creating a menu for your event, you want to choose items that your guests will find delicious and memorable. By beginning with an array of comfort foods fashioned into chic hors d’oeuvres, you can introduce your guests to the delicious theme of the night. By taking a simple favorite, and adding more decadent ingredients, your food will really stand out. Consider the childhood favorite, grilled cheese and tomato soup. Bobby Flay elevates this dish by using Goat cheese, Brie, and smoked bacon in his recipe for Grilled Appetizers . Kristen of Capers Catering suggests serving soup in demitasse mugs with crème fraiche that will allow your guests to enjoy a classic food combination, but with more salient flavors and style.      

Another emerging trend in comfort food menus, is taking favorite classics and serving miniature versions of them. Sandra Lee has created a recipe which creates tiny chicken pot pies served in espresso cups. Your guests will enjoy the homemade tastes and memories of this classic food, but it will be served in a more contemporary style.

Yogi Studio
Style will really be the element that brings the simple dishes together and give them the added flair they need to impress your guests. Capers Catering serves Macaroni and Cheese in miniature skillets to guests, and also adds ingredients like lobster and chives to give the dish new dimension.

If you’re holding your event in an area with specific local delicacies, be sure to include them in your menu! For the North Shore, fresh seafood is a major attraction. Treat your out of town guests by serving homemade crab cakes. Any friends and family members coming in from areas that are far away from the ocean will have never tasted one this delicious! 


Finish out the night with a range of desserts that will have your guest’s mouths watering. Who didn’t have milk and cookies as a child? The more elegant, Wedding version can be something equally as tasty, but slightly more adult friendly. In addition to your wedding cake offer Black and White milkshakes with Kahlua in shooters along side giant dark chocolate chip cookies. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by this old favorite!


If you are thinking of incorporating Comfort Foods into your Wedding menu, be sure to discuss ideas with your Caterer! Describe your favorite dishes, and ask them how they think each one could be brought to the next level, from added flavors and ingredients, to design and flair of the presentation.

To learn more about Capers Catering or to contact Kristen, visit http://www.caperscatering.com/

Arianna and Ricky's Travel Theme Wedding

Who doesn’t enjoy a vacation to a new and exciting place? Arianna and Ricky’s beautiful Travel theme wedding gave guests the opportunity to feel they were on a travel journey, even though it was all taking place right here in Boston at The Colonnade Hotel! As guests walked into the hotel, they were immediately greeted by a Welcome Arrangement of vintage suitcases filled with clothing, jewelry, antique binoculars, and most importantly, their seating cards fashioned to look like luggage tags! 

The travel theme does not stop there by any means! Arianna and Ricky wanted to do something a little more creative than the standard table number cards, so instead opted to feature a different place on a post card to represent each table. This way, one table of guests could be seated in Cairo, while another group in Paris!

To compliment the navy blue and orange color scheme that our clients selected, our floral design team created a variety of high and low arrangements filled with a great mix of flowers and bright greens. The bright colors of the blue Hydrangea, orange Pincushion Protea, and orange Tulips really popped among the vibrant greens, and for some added details, we added Peacock feathers, and a mix of hanging purple and green grapes. In addition to the main arrangements, we also included groupings of vintage bottles with various flowers like Lavender, hanging Amyranthus, Tulips, Hydrangea, and more!  

Besides the flowers at each table, the guests were also able to enjoy the clever Passport styled favors the Bride and Groom had created! These Passports contained an adorable photograph of the couple, and information about their event, from the date and time, to their website. 

This wedding was a great design experience to create with such a wonderful couple! Working with Eliza and Rachel of WedBoston is always a pleasure.  With their planning skills, going into this event, we knew it would be amazing and go off without a hitch! We hope this post will give all you new brides out there some great ideas for Travel theme weddings or at least jump start your creativity to put your own personal stamp on your event!

A lifetime of happiness and all best wishes to Arianna and Ricky!  

Vote Dana Markos Events for Boston A-List

Voting has officially begun with City Voter, and Dana Markos Events is in the running towards earning the title of BEST WEDDING FLOWERS of Boston! You can vote for all of your favorite vendors througout the Boston area, and help them earn first place in their respective industries! Follow the link below to cast your vote for Dana Markos Events as BEST WEDDING FLOWERS. Signing up takes less than a minute, and don't worry they don't spam!! You can vote for up to 5 vendors a day!


A special thanks goes out to anyone who voted for us last year, and anyone who continues to vote for us in this coming contest! The polls close in July and we would LOVE to bring in the WIN!!!

Vender Spotlight with Johnson Photography

Today, Dana Markos Events has the pleasure of featuring Theresa Johnson-Herlihy of Johnson Photography in our vendor spotlight feature of our blog.  Her work is gorgeous and she is a blast to know!  We are proud to know her and share membership of the prestigious Boston Wedding Group with her!!
Dana Markos Events: We've had the pleasure of working with you on events in the past, and your photography always looks amazing! Can you give us a little history of your business? When/how did you decide to become a photographer?

TJH: While in college I spent a year studying in Spain and exploring Europe. It was there that I developed a passion for photography and an appreciation for architecture and design. I formally started Johnson Photography in 1991 and began photographing weddings, events, and family portraits. 19 years later and I haven't looked back since.

Dana Markos Events: When working with a bride and groom on their photography what is the experience usually like? Who usually takes charge? Is there a lot of compromise on the style, timing, themed sessions, etc?

TJH: I strive to make the experience for my clients as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Given my experience in the industry they look to me for input and guidance but ultimately it's a collaboration of their vision and mine.

Dana Markos Events: What is the most unique, or amazing, or your favorite photograph/ session/ event you've ever worked on?

TJH: Over 19 years there have been so many amazing events, however my father's wedding in Florence, Italy was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was in the hills of Fiesole at Villa San Michele, with the most breathtaking views of Florence.

Dana Markos Events: Are there any new trends coming up for the 2011 wedding season in Photography? 

TJH: There seems to be a growing trend over the past few years to customize everything. From "save-the-date" to small party details, every aspect of the event is tailored to the client and captured with their personal style in mind. While photographing an event, I have to be mindful of documenting every little detail as well as not missing the important moments that show the joy in their faces. Also, social media is now playing a critical role in previewing the highlights of their event.

Dana Markos Events: How can new fans or interested prospective clients get in touch or learn even more about Johnson Photography?

TJH: If you would like to see more of my work, please visit the following:
Website:  https://www.johnsonphotography.com. 
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/johnsonphotographyinc.
Blog:  https:blog.johnsonphotography.com
Johnsonphoto App can be downloaded from the iTunes store:

Beach Theme Weddings

So far, this week has been five long days of rain and clouds, so what better to cheer everyone up then Beach Theme Weddings? With Memorial Day right around the corner, the Summer will be here soon, but until then, maybe you can pretend your here.  

When decorating for a wedding on the beach, too many neutral colors will get lost among the sand. To make your ceremony really POP, include vibrant colors in the design. Try tying a beautiful colored fabric over the chairs, or draping an Arch, Gazebo, or Chuppah, in bright fabrics.  Keep it simple though, other than colorful fabric waving in the wind, the natural environment is your best back drop!  Don't "fuss" is up!  

One of the best visual aspects of a beach wedding is that your photography will have a huge scape to work with. Make sure to explain the venue in detail to any prospective photographers you are considering working with. Depending on their style and work, you might be able to narrow down who you would like to work with.

If your having your ceremony on the beach, the style of dress will be something important to consider. Many bridal designers create entire lines to specifically cater to beach style weddings, often referred to as Destination Dresses. Generally these dresses are a less full, slimmer fit wedding gown, and can look very elegant.



After the ceremony comes the reception, and many couples bring the party under a tent or indoors completely. To keep with the beach theme, it's the details that will really impress your guests, from the floral design to the wedding cake.

Centerpieces for a beach theme wedding can be tricky because you don't want to cross the line between beautiful and "cheesy". It can be tempting to use items like flip flops or a sand castle, but while those items fit the theme and seem cute at first, those objects can be a little too Sweet Sixteen, so one of our Bride's elevated the flip flop to a more fashionable sandal that won't break the budget!. We suggest keeping the accessories to a minimum, and keep the overall piece looking organic. Use delicate shells, sand dollars or starfish sporadically throughout full floral arrangements to tie in the theme and wow your guests.

Arrangement and Photo by Dana Markos Events
Here is a beautiful four tiered wedding cake by Jenny's Wedding Cakes. The edible shells cascading down the side makes this a perfect beach theme wedding cake.

Jenny's Wedding Cakes

This winter was a pretty tough one with some of the highest snow falls we have seen in years! And after this rain filled week, it can only get better from here. We have some awesome Summer weddings coming up and we will be sure to keep everyone updated on the different ideas, themes, and designs we get to work on!