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When planning a wedding, it quickly becomes apparent what the most important thing to the clients is. For some it is the flowers, for others, it’s the music, but for many it is the Menu. New trends emerge in the Catering industry constantly, and one that has recently sparked our interest is Wedding Comfort Foods. It’s the idea of taking traditional foods that everyone loves, spicing it up, and making it a contemporary and elegant dish!

When creating a menu for your event, you want to choose items that your guests will find delicious and memorable. By beginning with an array of comfort foods fashioned into chic hors d’oeuvres, you can introduce your guests to the delicious theme of the night. By taking a simple favorite, and adding more decadent ingredients, your food will really stand out. Consider the childhood favorite, grilled cheese and tomato soup. Bobby Flay elevates this dish by using Goat cheese, Brie, and smoked bacon in his recipe for Grilled Appetizers . Kristen of Capers Catering suggests serving soup in demitasse mugs with crème fraiche that will allow your guests to enjoy a classic food combination, but with more salient flavors and style.
Another emerging trend in comfort food menus, is taking favorite classics and serving miniature versions of them. Sandra Lee has created a recipe which creates tiny chicken pot pies served in espresso cups. Your guests will enjoy the homemade tastes and memories of this classic food, but it will be served in a more contemporary style.

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Style will really be the element that brings the simple dishes together and give them the added flair they need to impress your guests. Capers Catering serves Macaroni and Cheese in miniature skillets to guests, and also adds ingredients like lobster and chives to give the dish new dimension.

If you’re holding your event in an area with specific local delicacies, be sure to include them in your menu! For the North Shore, fresh seafood is a major attraction. Treat your out of town guests by serving homemade crab cakes. Any friends and family members coming in from areas that are far away from the ocean will have never tasted one this delicious!

Finish out the night with a range of desserts that will have your guest’s mouths watering. Who didn’t have milk and cookies as a child? The more elegant, Wedding version can be something equally as tasty, but slightly more adult friendly. In addition to your wedding cake offer Black and White milkshakes with Kahlua in shooters along side giant dark chocolate chip cookies. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by this old favorite!

If you are thinking of incorporating Comfort Foods into your Wedding menu, be sure to discuss ideas with your Caterer! Describe your favorite dishes, and ask them how they think each one could be brought to the next level, from added flavors and ingredients, to design and flair of the presentation.

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  1. The problem with comfort eating is the fact that we eat junk food that gives us a quick sugar fix and when that hit is over we are left overtired and more tired than ever, and if that was not bad enough we also feel guilty because we have succumbed to comfort eating again! That does not mean that comfort foods are banned they are not, but it is a good to reclassify what you call comfort foods. Often comfort foods are highly calorific, a classic example is the American calorie overload mac and cheese. However comfort foods can be light snacks which are relatively healthy.


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