Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

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Having one look for your bridesmaids is a little bit dated. For 2011 give your wedding party a more modern look by giving your friends a little leeway!

If you have been dreaming of your bridesmaids wearing bright pink since you started planning your wedding, don't worry. There are plenty of awesome retailers that carry a variety of dresses in the same color. This way, each of your friends can pick out the neckline or style that looks best on their body, and maybe even wear it again!

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Is your bridal party made up of a range of heights? Maybe your friend who's 5ft won't feel comfortable in a gown that goes to the floor. In addition to using different necklines, many Brides are also opting to give their bridesmaids free reign on the length of their gown.

If the color scheme of your bridal party is flexible, you have a few great options. By taking one bright color, you can offer your bridesmaids the option of taking any shade of it they like. In addition to different shades, some brides opt to have a couple of different colors all together! The different shades and colors will look really pretty in pictures, especially when lined up all together. 

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Giving your bridesmaids different options makes your special day more enjoyable for everyone involved. If your friends feel great about the way they look, everyone will notice how gorgeous the bridal party is as a whole group, whether their wearing different necklines, different lengths, different colors, or different dresses all together!
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