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DME: Not only do we hear amazing things about Capers Catering, but we also have experienced it ourselves! How did your business begin?

Capers Catering: A little over 18 years ago, Emma Roberts started Capers Catering out of her apartment in Boston, Massachusetts. She soon outgrew her space and moved the business to a commissary with a full kitchen. After a few successful years, Capers moved to a larger space in Stoneham where it is currently located. In 2005, Capers created Flip Flops Clambakes and Barbecues to service those clients looking for a more casual catering experience, while maintaining the service and quality standards that Capers has always been praised for. In 2007, Capers began running the oldest teahouse in the country, The Wenham Tea House.
Photography by Capers Catering

DME: When working with a client on their menu for their event what is the experience usually like? What do you discuss? Do they need a lot of your assistance or did they usually come in with some pretty strong ideas? 

Capers Catering: Capers Catering prides itself on our culinary creativity and creating customized menus for each one of our clients. The process of developing a menu definitely differs from client to client. We often offer a list of menu ideas to our clients; however, we make it clear to them that they aren’t limited to these options. We have a conversation with our potential clients and discuss any food items or combinations that they love/hate, what type of food service they are looking for, if they are incorporating any themes into their wedding, etc. We also talk with them about their favorite restaurants. Doing so allows us to really get an understanding of the type of cuisine they are most passionate about. The person who takes charge in the creation of menus is entirely up to the client. Sometimes, people know exactly what they are looking for and already have the majority of their menu planned out; while others want to pick our brains for suggestions and ideas.

Photography by Lou Goodman

Photography by Lou Goodman

DME: What is your favorite menu that Capers have ever had the chance to work on?

Capers Catering: Since Capers has created and executed an array of different menus over the years, it is difficult to choose just one that would be labeled a “favorite.” However, a menu that definitely stands out is from a 50th birthday party that featured Indian cuisine. It was different because of its extensive tasting menu with wine pairings. The six course dinner began with a Tuna Tartar Tower atop a Bed of Asian Cucumber Salad Dressed with an Asian Vinaigrette Caviar. The next four courses included a Trio of Chilled Soups, Artichoke & Cheese Ravioli Pillows, Herbs de Provence Crusted Rack of Lamb with a Rosemary-Cabernet Reduction, and a Baby Dandelion Greens Salad with Lardoons, Dried Cherries and Spring Nasturtiums, accompanied by Seared Fois Gras and Brioche Toast Croutons. The dinner ended with a Trio of French Treats including a Demitasse Cup of Crème Brulee, Chocolate Petite Fours, and Pear Tarte Tatin. When developing this menu, we educated ourselves on the culture and were able to use our combined creativity to execute a sensational culinary event.

Photography by Capers Catering

DMEWhat are the culinary and catering upcoming trends for 2011?

Capers Catering: The biggest trend we have noticed for the 2011 wedding season is sustainability. An abundance of potential clients are inquiring about how “Green” we are. These couples are looking for a caterer that works with seasonal, local ingredients and are supporting local farmers. They view the access to hormone-free beef and free-range chicken extremely important. Capers Catering is proud to be thriving in this market. Our chefs have thoroughly educated themselves on this topic for years and have been putting their knowledge to great use. We have always considered using local, fresh ingredients extremely important. In addition, Capers prides itself in its recycling efforts. 

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DME: How can new fans or interested prospective clients find out more about Capers Catering or get in touch with you?

Capers Catering:
Photography by Lou Goodman

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