Vender Spotlight with Johnson Photography

Today, Dana Markos Events has the pleasure of featuring Theresa Johnson-Herlihy of Johnson Photography in our vendor spotlight feature of our blog.  Her work is gorgeous and she is a blast to know!  We are proud to know her and share membership of the prestigious Boston Wedding Group with her!!
Dana Markos Events: We've had the pleasure of working with you on events in the past, and your photography always looks amazing! Can you give us a little history of your business? When/how did you decide to become a photographer?

TJH: While in college I spent a year studying in Spain and exploring Europe. It was there that I developed a passion for photography and an appreciation for architecture and design. I formally started Johnson Photography in 1991 and began photographing weddings, events, and family portraits. 19 years later and I haven't looked back since.

Dana Markos Events: When working with a bride and groom on their photography what is the experience usually like? Who usually takes charge? Is there a lot of compromise on the style, timing, themed sessions, etc?

TJH: I strive to make the experience for my clients as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Given my experience in the industry they look to me for input and guidance but ultimately it's a collaboration of their vision and mine.

Dana Markos Events: What is the most unique, or amazing, or your favorite photograph/ session/ event you've ever worked on?

TJH: Over 19 years there have been so many amazing events, however my father's wedding in Florence, Italy was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was in the hills of Fiesole at Villa San Michele, with the most breathtaking views of Florence.

Dana Markos Events: Are there any new trends coming up for the 2011 wedding season in Photography? 

TJH: There seems to be a growing trend over the past few years to customize everything. From "save-the-date" to small party details, every aspect of the event is tailored to the client and captured with their personal style in mind. While photographing an event, I have to be mindful of documenting every little detail as well as not missing the important moments that show the joy in their faces. Also, social media is now playing a critical role in previewing the highlights of their event.

Dana Markos Events: How can new fans or interested prospective clients get in touch or learn even more about Johnson Photography?

TJH: If you would like to see more of my work, please visit the following:
Johnsonphoto App can be downloaded from the iTunes store:

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