Vendor Spotlight with Boston Photobooth Rental

Over the past few seasons we have seen some really cool services brought into events. One of our personal favorites that the guests seem to enjoy so greatly is the Photobooth! In order to learn more about the Photobooth, we contacted Boston Photobooth Rental for a spotlight on their product and services to give all of you the inside scoop! 

Dana Markos Events: Working in the event’s industry we have started to see a huge rise in the popularity of photobooths! Can you give us a little history of you business? When/how did it all get started?

Boston Photobooth Rental: We are a couple of college friends that had always wanted to go into business together.  We looked into many different types of companies over the years but nothing really jumped out at us. Then in 2006, we went to a friend’s out-of-state wedding where they had rented a classic-style photobooth for the reception. Everyone had a blast using the booth; it was the hit of the party and guests were still talking about it months later. We realized right then and there that this was the right opportunity for us and that with our backgrounds in events and customer service, it would be a great fit. We started Boston Photobooth Rental in early 2007 and have worked with many great clients across a wide range of events since then.

Dana Markos Events: When working with a bride and groom on their photobooth what is the experience usually like? Who usually takes charge? Is there a lot of compromise on accessories, themes, black and white vs. color? Or do you usually take care of it all?

Boston Photobooth Rental: Our goal is to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for our clients and their guests.  Sometimes we work with the bride, sometimes with the groom, but really every wedding is different.  That uniqueness definitely comes across when deciding on graphics for the photo strips.  Some couples simply use their names and the date, others provide us with an event invitation or save the date so we can match the graphic, and some couples actually design the graphics themselves.  From there, we coordinate everything else with the venue and make sure everyone is having fun at the booth during the event.

Dana Markos Events: What range of events do you usually work in? Ever get any unusual or unique requests?

Boston Photobooth Rental: During the five years we’ve been in business, we’ve worked at a wide range of events: weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, graduation parties, reunions, college alumni events, corporate holiday parties and more. We’ve also partnered with companies on promotional and marketing initiatives by branding the booth and the photostrips with their logo.

We believe a photobooth makes any event better, and we love finding new and creative ways to use our booths. The most unique request we’ve ever had was from Harmonix, a videogame development company based in Cambridge, MA. They rented a booth for employees to use at the office while they were placing the finishing touches on Rock Band 2. All the photobooth pictures you see in the credits are from our booth.

Dana Markos Events: What is the general price range of bringing in a photobooth to an event? How many people can use it throughout the event? Is the booth usually used throughout the entire night?

Boston Photobooth Rental: There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of renting a photo booth, such as date, number of hours, location, etc.  We offer certain packages that seem to work well for different event types, which start at $999 for our week night package.  We are happy to tailor packages to fit certain needs or tastes as well. 

In the market today, there are a wide range of companies, offering a wide range of products, at a wide range of prices.  I would encourage anyone interested in hiring a photo booth company to do their research and know what they’re getting, both in terms of the company, and the booth itself.  

Dana Markos Events: Where can new fans, and interested prospective clients learn even more about Boston Photobooth Rental and get in touch?

Boston Photobooth Rental: Everyone can check us out on our website at, or on Facebook at, and on Twitter at @Boston_PB

To show your guests a great time and do something unique and different, be sure to check out  
Boston Photobooth Rental for your next event! 

Wedding Wire Rated 2011

Dana Markos Events has been rated with the highest marks on and we wanted to make sure to share the news with all of our friends, fans, and clients! Many thanks go out to all of our clients and other vendors because it is your fantastic reviews that have helped us get to the top!  Our greatest appreciation goes out to every single one of you, and we look forward to working together in the future!

Post Wedding Brunch

One of the best parts about planning your wedding, is inviting everyone your close to with the idea that you will all be together for that one night! But why stop there? By having a Post Wedding Brunch the next morning you can extend the time spent with your family, wedding party, and extra special guests!
With so much going on at the wedding ceremony and reception, it can be hard to catch up extensively with your guests. If you have a lot of close friends and family come in from out of town, you will probably want to spend as much time as possible with them, and by planning a Post Wedding Brunch, you will be able to.
Consider setting up a room block at a hotel near by the venue of your ceremony. This way, the majority of your guests will be in the same place. You can host the brunch at the hotel where everyone is staying, or pick a location near by and easy for them to arrange transportation to.
If you host the brunch at the hotel, they will most likely have some type of package to consider for the catering. Or you may have the option to bring in your own catering company. Be sure to consider the tastes of the people you are inviting, as well as your own and your Groom's. If you are getting married in an area known for something special, for example bagels in New York, or seafood anywhere on the coast, you should definitely consider incorporating them into the menu and give your guests a treat!
A Post Wedding Brunch is a great send off before the Bride and Groom head to their honeymoon destination. It gives the couple an extra chance to spend time with the people they love, after all of the wedding day craziness! And just think, wouldn't it be fun to hear all of the stories of the night before from their point of view? Don't put off getting together again until the next big event, organize a Post Wedding Brunch and enjoy everyone's company the morning after!

Moving Past the Black Tux

Is your Groom less traditional black tux and looking for a totally different style? While a black tuxedo or suit is a classic look, it does not match the style of every Groom's wedding. Depending on the venue, the theme, and the overall color scheme, your Groom may want to consider something totally different than what normally comes to mind for a Groom.

Paul Rudd's Navy tuxedo from his movie I Love You, Man is the perfect example of how taking a different color can set the Groom apart from not only his Groomsmen, but from all of the guests! With his yellow boutonniere we definitely approve of the styling of this overall look.

Paul Rudd stars in I Love You, Man
Is the navy blue a little too bright for your Groom? You can still consider changing it up from traditional black with some of the looks we have below! For starters, check out this stylish grey suit by Jcrew. The color looks great and with the perfect mix of white shirt and purple tie, this Groom looks Wedding ready.

If your wedding is taking place on the beach, your attire will most likely utilize a lighter fabric in both thickness and color. The suit below looks perfect for this style wedding, especially with the Bride's coordinating ribbon belt.
Does your Groom have a Preppy style in his everyday wardrobe? Why make him change his style for the wedding? Taking Navy blue jackets and putting them over Khaki colored or  Nantucket Red pants can give your Groom an awesome Preppy look for his big day, and lets him keep his own personal style too!

The Groom's voice can sometimes get lost in the wedding planning process. Make sure he has a say in what he's wearing, especially if he has a very specific style! A black tux is a classic look that most men look great in, but if your Groom has a totally different idea it should definitely be considered!

Fabulous Wedding Dresses from the Movies!

Whether you consider them to be the perfect love story, or a cheesy chick flick, over the years the "Romantic" genre of movies have provided us with an exorbitant amount of wedding scenes. We're taking a look back at some of our favorite bridal looks from the movies! Enjoy seeing a huge variety of gowns, from vintage to ballroom, and after writing this feature I have come to find that Jennifer Garner must have it somewhere in her contracts that she gets to wear a wedding gown in every movie she is in because we came across too many to choose from!

Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars

Jennifer Garner in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Kate Hudson in Bride Wars

Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30

Malin Åkerman in 27 Dresses

Katherin Heigl in Grey's Anatomy

Maya Rudolph in Bridesmaids

Jennifer Garner in The Invention of Lying

Kristen Bell in When in Rome

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City the Movie

Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette 

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face

Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music
Hope you enjoyed taking a look! What is your favorite bridal dress from a movie?? 

What Should Your Flower Girl Walk Down the Aisle With?

If you have a young child in your family who you are particularly close to, whether it be a niece or a friend's daughter, you may want to consider asking her to walk in your wedding party. As far as the floral design aspect goes, there are a few options for you to give her so she looks extra special!

The most traditional form of flowers that a Flower Girl takes on is a basket of flower petals. This basket can be a simple straw one, or if a fancier or more elegant look is desired, it can be wrapped in ribbons. Sometimes the basket is decorated even further with flowers, crystals, or embroidery. By having the Flower Girl toss flower petals out of the basket as she walks down the aisle, it creates a small pop of color across the aisle runner in anticipation for the Bride to walk in.

Photograph found at The Knot
If you prefer to keep your aisle clean, consider having your Flower Girl walk with a single flower. By choosing something beautiful that coordinates with your color palette, she will look perfect as she walks in front of the Bride. You will probably want to use a flower that is somewhat sturdy, like a Rose or Sunflower, Gerber Daisy, and by mixing it with a few pieces of greenery and securing it together with a nice ribbon, your Flower Girl will look like she's carrying a small bouquet. 

Jennifer Samuels Photography
Another option for the Flower Girl is to have her walk with a Pomander Ball or Kissing Ball as some people refer to it! These are made of a foam ball completely covered in flowers, with a ribbon looped at the top to act as a handle. A Pomander Ball looks really intricate and will definitely impress your guests as the Flower Girl walks down the aisle.

Photography by Lexi Savelyev, Floral Design by Dana Markos Events
Anelement of floral design that some of our Brides consider in addition to a basket, single flower, or Pomander ball, is a hair piece. We have seen a wide variety ranging from a small wreath that goes around the girl's head, or even a comb, and it definitely adds more flair to the Flower Girl's overall look.

Photography by Joe Mikos, Floral Design by Dana Markos Events
Any young girl would be overjoyed to be asked to participate in a wedding! By giving them some special florals, they will feel important and beautiful, and your guests will think so too! Consider the overall color palette of your wedding and decide what look will be the best way to go for your Flower Girl.

Event Collages

On our blog we are constantly working in conjunction with photographers to obtain the pictures from the events that we work on! We want to be able to show all of our readers, fans, friends, families, and clients how amazing the events turned out! Check out the Inspiration boards we created with some of the photography we have been getting in and take a look at a bunch of different events from this past year!

  Our Holiday Party for Cubist Pharmaceuticals 

Christmas at Castle Hill

Early Fall Wedding in Sudbury

Spring Wedding at Black Swan Country Club

Seaside Wedding Show at Castle Hill

Hope you enjoy! Many more to come as each season passes! 

Unique Wedding Gifts

Going to a wedding where the Bride and Groom did the unthinkable? Didn't Register!? Not to worry. You don't have to be afraid that you'll get them something someone else already bought them if you take a look at some of these unique wedding gifts that we came across. Some of them are really interesting, and some are a little silly, but either way, we're sure that the Bride and Groom will enjoy!

Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker
Cuisinart makes a great line of high quality products, so it was great to find something new and exciting fro their line. This Ice Cream Maker is not like the traditional ones that we see on the market. Normally an at home Ice Cream Maker produces hard ice cream, and takes all day to complete. This product creates soft serve and takes only 20 minutes for the ice cream to be ready to serve. With the Mix It In feature, there are dispensers built in to add your choice of sprinkles, nuts, and other candy right into your dessert! This product is priced at $99.99 and seems like a really fun gift idea.

Available at Bed Bath and Beyond

The Babycakes Cupcake Maker
This kitchen appliance resembles a George Forman grill but instead of cooking up hamburgers, a batch of fresh mini cupcakes pop out in just five to nine minutes! This machine is practically an Easy Bake Oven, but for grown ups! The reviews give it 5 stars, and describe the unit as being "so much fun", "time efficient", and "so easy to use". Priced at $39.99, this gift is affordable and unique!

Available at Kohls

Waring Pro Double Wine Chiller
This wine chiller has room for two bottles of wine and with over 30 different temperature settings, it is perfect for any type from white, to red, to champagne! With this handy machine, there is no more guess work or sticking the bottle in the fridge before company arrives to chill the beverages. This appliance will have your wine at the perfect temperature. Priced at $149.99, this product makes a great present.
Check Retailers at Waring's Website

Keurig Platinum Coffee Brewer
A traditional coffee maker may be a normal gift to give, but this Keurig brewer is so different! The coffee is purchased in tiny individual cups and come in a huge variety of flavors. The unit fills different sized cups from 4-12 ounces, and can even make ice coffee too! The product itself comes in three color options, midnight black, cinnamon, and silver black, so you can pick out the perfect one to match the new couples house! With a price tag of $219.99 this coffee maker is on the expensive side, but would make a really nice present for a close friend!

Available at Kohls

So there are four great ideas to give your friends a unique gift that they won't receive from anyone else! Do you remember some of your favorite gifts from your wedding? Leave us a comment or tell us on Facebook/Twitter what some of the best, most unique presents you received were!

Joanna & Dean's Wedding at the Library!

Hitched Studios

Hitched Studios

At Dana Markos Events we work on a huge variety of weddings, from ocean front tents to elegant hotel ballrooms. When it came to location for Joanna and Dean, they wanted to go with something beautiful, but also a little different! As their guests walked up the giant stone steps of the Boston Public Library, they were sure that they were going to experience something totally new and exciting!

Hitched Studios
Hitched Studios

Hitched Studios

Getting the inside of the library ready for the big event was a challenge in itself! Since it is a public location, there are people everywhere, and we couldn't start officially setting up until it was officially closed! But don't think that stopped us! The entire crew was given a room to begin the creation of the Chuppah and as the crowds started to clear out, we were able to carry it to the outdoor quad. The Chuppah was made of Twisted Vine, Hanging Amaranthus, Red and Orange Mokara Orchids, Orange and Red Roses, Antique Hydrangea, and plenty of greens.

Hitched Studios

Hitched Studios

Inside the decor's color scheme continued with some really beautiful centerpieces for the tables! Instead of using traditional clear glass vases, we completely changed the look of them by adding moss and bark to all four sides. The nature inspired look really suited the color scheme and made these arrangements even more beautiful! Filling them with Antique Hydrangea, Red and Orange Roses, Orange Calla Lillies, Orange and Red Mokara Orchids, Seeded Eucalyptus, and to top it off fresh Pears, these arrangements looked amazing!

Hitched Studios

Hitched Studios

To continue with the Library theme, Joanna and Dean had a few special touches to bring this event together. One of the perfect details that we saw was having each person's name card printed out on a Library check out card. Each guest could smile and think back to the last time they checked out a book! Once guests found their tables they would also see that a giant version of the card had been created as opposed to traditional table numbers.

Hitched Studios

Hitched Studios
In addition to the name cards, the Welcome Tables had a great display set up! With not only a beautiful floral arrangement of Orange Roses, Antique Hydrangea, Red Mokara Orchids, Hypericum Berries, Pincushion Protea, and Greens, but we also brought in a giant antique dictionary, and set up a variety of other memorable books for guests to take a look at. 

Hitched Studios

By finishing the night off with this beautiful four tiered wedding cake, the entire event was executed flawlessly, and everyone without a doubt had a wonderful time.

Hitched Studios

Joanna and Dean's wedding was so much fun to work on! From the time crunch, to the awesome theme and location, we loved every minute of working on the event and getting to know Joanna, Dean, and their families. Check out some more of Hitched Studio's amazing photography of the gorgeous Bride and Groom, and their bridal party!

Hitched Studios

Hitched Studios

Hitched Studios

Best Wishes and a Lifetime of Happiness to Joanna and Dean!!