Post Wedding Brunch

One of the best parts about planning your wedding, is inviting everyone your close to with the idea that you will all be together for that one night! But why stop there? By having a Post Wedding Brunch the next morning you can extend the time spent with your family, wedding party, and extra special guests!
With so much going on at the wedding ceremony and reception, it can be hard to catch up extensively with your guests. If you have a lot of close friends and family come in from out of town, you will probably want to spend as much time as possible with them, and by planning a Post Wedding Brunch, you will be able to.
Consider setting up a room block at a hotel near by the venue of your ceremony. This way, the majority of your guests will be in the same place. You can host the brunch at the hotel where everyone is staying, or pick a location near by and easy for them to arrange transportation to.
If you host the brunch at the hotel, they will most likely have some type of package to consider for the catering. Or you may have the option to bring in your own catering company. Be sure to consider the tastes of the people you are inviting, as well as your own and your Groom's. If you are getting married in an area known for something special, for example bagels in New York, or seafood anywhere on the coast, you should definitely consider incorporating them into the menu and give your guests a treat!
A Post Wedding Brunch is a great send off before the Bride and Groom head to their honeymoon destination. It gives the couple an extra chance to spend time with the people they love, after all of the wedding day craziness! And just think, wouldn't it be fun to hear all of the stories of the night before from their point of view? Don't put off getting together again until the next big event, organize a Post Wedding Brunch and enjoy everyone's company the morning after!

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