Vendor Spotlight with Boston Photobooth Rental

Over the past few seasons we have seen some really cool services brought into events. One of our personal favorites that the guests seem to enjoy so greatly is the Photobooth! In order to learn more about the Photobooth, we contacted Boston Photobooth Rental for a spotlight on their product and services to give all of you the inside scoop! 

Dana Markos Events: Working in the event’s industry we have started to see a huge rise in the popularity of photobooths! Can you give us a little history of you business? When/how did it all get started?

Boston Photobooth Rental: We are a couple of college friends that had always wanted to go into business together.  We looked into many different types of companies over the years but nothing really jumped out at us. Then in 2006, we went to a friend’s out-of-state wedding where they had rented a classic-style photobooth for the reception. Everyone had a blast using the booth; it was the hit of the party and guests were still talking about it months later. We realized right then and there that this was the right opportunity for us and that with our backgrounds in events and customer service, it would be a great fit. We started Boston Photobooth Rental in early 2007 and have worked with many great clients across a wide range of events since then.

Dana Markos Events: When working with a bride and groom on their photobooth what is the experience usually like? Who usually takes charge? Is there a lot of compromise on accessories, themes, black and white vs. color? Or do you usually take care of it all?

Boston Photobooth Rental: Our goal is to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for our clients and their guests.  Sometimes we work with the bride, sometimes with the groom, but really every wedding is different.  That uniqueness definitely comes across when deciding on graphics for the photo strips.  Some couples simply use their names and the date, others provide us with an event invitation or save the date so we can match the graphic, and some couples actually design the graphics themselves.  From there, we coordinate everything else with the venue and make sure everyone is having fun at the booth during the event.

Dana Markos Events: What range of events do you usually work in? Ever get any unusual or unique requests?

Boston Photobooth Rental: During the five years we’ve been in business, we’ve worked at a wide range of events: weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, graduation parties, reunions, college alumni events, corporate holiday parties and more. We’ve also partnered with companies on promotional and marketing initiatives by branding the booth and the photostrips with their logo.

We believe a photobooth makes any event better, and we love finding new and creative ways to use our booths. The most unique request we’ve ever had was from Harmonix, a videogame development company based in Cambridge, MA. They rented a booth for employees to use at the office while they were placing the finishing touches on Rock Band 2. All the photobooth pictures you see in the credits are from our booth.

Dana Markos Events: What is the general price range of bringing in a photobooth to an event? How many people can use it throughout the event? Is the booth usually used throughout the entire night?

Boston Photobooth Rental: There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of renting a photo booth, such as date, number of hours, location, etc.  We offer certain packages that seem to work well for different event types, which start at $999 for our week night package.  We are happy to tailor packages to fit certain needs or tastes as well. 

In the market today, there are a wide range of companies, offering a wide range of products, at a wide range of prices.  I would encourage anyone interested in hiring a photo booth company to do their research and know what they’re getting, both in terms of the company, and the booth itself.  

Dana Markos Events: Where can new fans, and interested prospective clients learn even more about Boston Photobooth Rental and get in touch?

Boston Photobooth Rental: Everyone can check us out on our website at, or on Facebook at, and on Twitter at @Boston_PB

To show your guests a great time and do something unique and different, be sure to check out  
Boston Photobooth Rental for your next event! 


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