What Should Your Flower Girl Walk Down the Aisle With?

If you have a young child in your family who you are particularly close to, whether it be a niece or a friend's daughter, you may want to consider asking her to walk in your wedding party. As far as the floral design aspect goes, there are a few options for you to give her so she looks extra special!

The most traditional form of flowers that a Flower Girl takes on is a basket of flower petals. This basket can be a simple straw one, or if a fancier or more elegant look is desired, it can be wrapped in ribbons. Sometimes the basket is decorated even further with flowers, crystals, or embroidery. By having the Flower Girl toss flower petals out of the basket as she walks down the aisle, it creates a small pop of color across the aisle runner in anticipation for the Bride to walk in.

Photograph found at The Knot
If you prefer to keep your aisle clean, consider having your Flower Girl walk with a single flower. By choosing something beautiful that coordinates with your color palette, she will look perfect as she walks in front of the Bride. You will probably want to use a flower that is somewhat sturdy, like a Rose or Sunflower, Gerber Daisy, and by mixing it with a few pieces of greenery and securing it together with a nice ribbon, your Flower Girl will look like she's carrying a small bouquet. 

Jennifer Samuels Photography
Another option for the Flower Girl is to have her walk with a Pomander Ball or Kissing Ball as some people refer to it! These are made of a foam ball completely covered in flowers, with a ribbon looped at the top to act as a handle. A Pomander Ball looks really intricate and will definitely impress your guests as the Flower Girl walks down the aisle.

Photography by Lexi Savelyev, Floral Design by Dana Markos Events
Anelement of floral design that some of our Brides consider in addition to a basket, single flower, or Pomander ball, is a hair piece. We have seen a wide variety ranging from a small wreath that goes around the girl's head, or even a comb, and it definitely adds more flair to the Flower Girl's overall look.

Photography by Joe Mikos, Floral Design by Dana Markos Events
Any young girl would be overjoyed to be asked to participate in a wedding! By giving them some special florals, they will feel important and beautiful, and your guests will think so too! Consider the overall color palette of your wedding and decide what look will be the best way to go for your Flower Girl.

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