Unique Photos...But Still Elegant!

As your two beautiful children flip through your wedding book in awe, they see their father, dressed in an elegant black suit, cleanly shaven, perfectly styled hair, shooting the camera a huge smile. It’s the best day of his life. They turn to the next page and gasp. Their mom has a luminous white dress on, covered in lace and bead details. Her hair is long, dark, and perfectly curled. The children’s gasp quickly turns to confusion as they turn to their mother and ask “Mom! Why do you have a mustache?”

Unique Images Photography

When getting ready to style the look of the photography you want to use for your wedding, it’s common to think about props or objects to use to make them a little more interesting than the standard line up of bridesmaids and groomsmen. While perusing the Internet, we came up with some pretty interesting looks bridal parties from across the country produced. Take a look below how we’ve seen it done right, and oh so wrong.

         As a general rule, never pose with an alcoholic beverage, especially a beer can. On your wedding day, all of your photos should say “This is the best day of my life!” not “I love to drink!”

Channing Johnson Photography
Instead, perhaps a candid shot of the bride and groom during a champagne toast. By not using the glass as a prop, the photograph will appear as a moment from the wedding, and will remain elegant.

Charlton Churchill Photography
As another rule, less is more. It may be tempting to throw on a feather boa and a sparkly hat, but no one is going to look back on these photos and comment on what a great sense of humor you have, their going to be thinking how ridiculous you look. 

Photos By Rowell
To stand out in pictures, try coordinating with the other bridesmaids and each wear a different colored shoe. The difference will be subtle and remain far more chic than a giant bow tie or gold chain. 

If subtlety isn’t your thing, and you want your bridal party to stand out, there are objects that are noticeable but in a good way. When picking out the prop you want your bridesmaids to model with, make sure it’s not something degrading. You can ask yourself this by thinking “If this picture we’re uploaded to Facebook, would I be embarrassed if people at work saw it?” By posing with an inappropriate object, like a gun, you run the risk of some severe eyebrow raising after the prints come out.

Photography by Jeffrey Simms
An up and coming object that we found is something a little bit more delicate. By using something pretty, like a gossamer parasol, the people in the photograph remain pretty. Instead of trying to personify the attitude of a riffle, the subjects can use their props to enhance the photo. 

Photography by Natalie Moser
While planning the photography for your big day, decide what feel you want your pictures to have. You can keep your photos different and interesting by adding special touches that make you and your bridal party unique, without going to far. If anyone objects to drinking through a curly straw out of a beer can, wearing a multi-colored feather boa, or posing with a gun that’s half their size, you may want to rethink your strategy. 

Crazy Wedding Centerpieces!

As a company that specializes in beautiful floral designs, we found these centerpieces super crazy! Check out the Top 5 and see if any of them are something you would consider!!

5. Balloon Centerpiece- Our number five pick was this awkward looking balloon centerpiece. The colors certainly match the scheme the host seems to be going for, but overall the look isn't really working.

4.) Fish Bowl Centerpiece- Our pick for number four is this glass circular vase filled with water, marbles, and live goldfish! There were a surprising amount of these centerpieces across the Internet, but a lot of the comments described that guests would poor alcohol into the water, and the fish ended up dead.


3. Boot Centerpiece- Our pick for number three was this hiking boot centerpiece. Although they do get some bonus points for actually having flowers involved, the boot is so distracting that it just looks silly.

2. Half Lady Centerpiece- Our number two pick is this half a mannequin doll dressed up in a wedding dress with big puffy white sleeves and coordinating hat! Not only is this centerpiece totally odd, but it is also so large that it would be impossible to talk across the table without leaning over. 

1. Car Centerpiece- Our pick for the number one craziest centerpiece is this lime green sports car that was plunked down in the middle of this long table. The car is completely distracting and would disrupt any talking or mingling the guests would attempt.


So there are our Top Five picks for the Craziest Wedding Centerpieces! 
Anything you might consider using? 


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Wedding Superstitions

Bride's wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue for a little extra good luck, but what exactly are they worried about? We looked into Wedding Superstitions to see what has these brides crossing their fingers!

A marriage will have Bad Luck if:
The Groom sees the Bride on the day of the wedding before she walks down the aisle
The wedding is planned on the 13th of any month
The wedding is planned on the night of a Full Moon
If anyone other than the Bride wears white to the wedding
If the Bride does not wear a veil


For a little Good Luck, the Superstition specialists suggest:
Pinching the Bride
Saving the top layer of your wedding cake and eating it on the first year anniversary
Throwing rice as the couple exits
Saving any bows on gifts from the Bridal shower and making them into a bouquet for the rehearsal
Finding a spider in the Bride's wedding dress


Did any of you experience any Bad or Good Luck on your wedding day? Let us know!

A Different Kind of Bar for Your Wedding

People have been having Bars at their weddings and events for generations, but something new and special that we have started to see pop up is a Candy Bar! The Candy Bar is a great take away gift for your guests, and also acts as a great visual as a part of your reception. Depending on the theme of your wedding, the style of candy, from color, labels, and even types can be completely personalized to match!

If your wedding has a very specific color scheme that you would like to continue in multiple ways throughout the reception, consider setting up a Candy Bar to follow suit! By taking the colors that you want for your event, and using a variety of candies in that color, even if they are in different hues, your Candy Bar will look cohesive and delicious!

Ever Thine Weddings

Max CDN Chic Weddings
If your wedding is taking place on or very close to a Holiday, and you plan on incorporating that into your event, think of classic colors and candies that people match with the Holiday in mind! Is it Christmas? Think classic red and white candy canes! Maybe it's Halloween? Orange and Black candies from lolly pops to chocolates will bring your guests back to Trick or Treating memories from when they were kids!
MBO Gakero
McLellan Style
If your event has more of a general theme rather than a specific color or Holiday, there are a lot of really unique and special options for you to consider! If your looking for an upscale look for your black or white tie wedding, consider a Black and White Candy Bar! This color scheme will look timeless and elegant. If your thinking of a vintage theme, consider bringing in some old fashioned candies! These old styled candies are surprisingly easy to find and will make a great impact on your guests! 

The HollyWood Candy Girl
Weddzilla Blog
When coming up with the perfect Candy Bar for your event, make sure that you consider what you want the overall look of your Wedding to be! If you incorporate similar colors, or match it to the theme of the wedding, whether it be a overall style, or upcoming Holiday, your Candy Bar will look amazing, and your guests will take home something much tastier and sweet than the average gift!

Bridesmaid Presents

As a Bride, you fill your bridal party with the women who are special to you for a multitude of reasons. It's probably a mix of sisters, best friends, cousins, soon to be sister in laws, etc. After the dress, the hair and make up, nails, shoes, accessories, etc. these girls certainly have shelled out a lot of money, and many Bride's  want to come up with something nice to give them as a Thank You for not only being in the wedding, but for being such a great friend during this time. We found a wide variety of great Bridesmaid presents and have listed our top ten below. Maybe it can give you some inspiration or is exactly what you had been looking for!


10. Gift Certificate- If your not sure exactly what to get your bridal party but want to make sure it's something everyone will use, consider a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or fun boutique. Make it something they wouldn't normally get for themselves and they will find it to be a very nice treat.

9. Gift Basket- If your bridal party is made up of a group of totally different girls, make them each an individual gift basket personalized for them! Someone who loves to cook? Find a great selection of unique spices, dips, marinades etc. at William Sonoma! Someone who is a total girly girl? Put together a basket of OPI's latest nail polish colors, some hand lotion, a candle, and you've got a great gift!

8. Tickets to a Broadway show, Sports game, or Concert- You know these girls better than anyone! Get them tickets to that Red Sox v. Yankees game they would die to see, or seats to at the Garden for GaGa's next tour!

7. A designer purse, wallet, or wristlet- A lot of designers have some great new Summer styles out and wouldn't your bridesmaids be excited to get the latest colorful print wristlet they had been eyeing?

6. Perfume- Whether you already know your friend's perfect scents, or you find a beautiful one you think she will love, pick out a nice bottle of perfume and give your Bridesmaid's something sweet.

5. Spa day- Consider treating your bridal party to a day at the spa a day or two before the weekend. Everyone will look their best for your big day, and have a fun relaxing time together too!

4. Chocolates- Work with a great Chocolatier and pick out some decadent gourmet chocolates to treat your bridal party to. It's something they would never buy themselves, but will certainly enjoy.

3. Jewelry- Pick out a great piece that will look great on all of your bridal party, that they can incorporate into their wedding look as well! Simple pearls, or pretty delicate earrings would make a great gift that your girls will want to wear again!

2. The Dress- If you have enough room in the budget, consider paying for your bridal party's bridesmaid dresses. If you purchase them all together and pay up front, you will most likely be able to get a discount, and it is a really great gesture to show your Bridesmaids that you really care about them and are aware that they probably won't "shorten it and wear it again".

1. Book a Trip- Plan and book a little weekend trip for your bridal party to take together a few weeks after the wedding. It doesn't have to be anywhere exotic, just change it up from the norm. Plan an overnight in Newport, RI and take them on a sailboat cruise! You can hit the beach all day, shop, and most importantly have some fun!

Hope this list is useful for you Bride's out there searching for the best ideas! Or any of your Bridesmaids who want to drop the hint :) 

Does you Engagement Ring describe your personality?

When your friends first saw your Engagement ring did they squeal that is was "So You!!!". Many industry professionals say that they can tell a Bride's personality based on their ring. Take a look at some of the information that we were able to find about each diamond shape, and see if your ring or favorite style matches up with who you are!

Round Solitaire: This Round solitaire diamond ring describes it's Bride as being traditional and put together. It's for a woman who knows what she wants.
Tiffany & Co
Emerald Cut: This Emerald cut diamond ring describes it's Bride as being sophisticated, refined, and confident. Some believe it have the essence of royalty.
Tiffany & Co
Cushion Cut: This Cushion cut diamond ring describes it's Bride as having a vintage style of grace, but with their own unique charm and quirkiness. This girl isn't afraid to be herself.
Tiffany & Co
Princess Cut: This Princess cut diamond ring describes it's Bride as being the ultimate Princess! This girl is very girly, fashionable, romantic, and loves sparkle.
Tiffany & Co
Pear or Teardrop: This Pear or Teardrop diamond ring describes it's Bride as having an interest in vintage and classic looks, but has a creative side as well. This girl is unique and independent.
Tiffany & Co

Marquise Diamond: This Marquise diamond ring describes it's Bride as very Old Hollywood. She enjoys glamour and a dramatic look.
Tiffany & Co

Heart Shaped: This Heart Shaped diamond ring describes it's Bride as being a shameless romantic! This girl has her groom wrapped around her finger and loves getting what she wants.
Tiffany & Co

So what does everyone think? Does your ring describe your personality, or is it all wrong? 
Let us know!!

Information for this blog feature was found at:
1. http://wedding.theknot.com/getting-engaged/engagement-rings/articles/what-your-engagement-ring-says-about-you.aspx?page=2
2. http://www.29secrets.com/sections/relationships/what-does-your-dream-engagement-ring-say-about-you

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

As the busy Summer wedding season continues, guests begin to struggle with what to wear to some of these hot outdoor weddings! We want to celebrate the beautiful Summer weather, but if your wearing something all wrong, you'll feel uncomfortable all night. We put together a helpful guide to help you choose the perfect Summer wedding attire, from the dress to the accessories!

Photography by Gino Santa Maria
The most important element to finding the perfect Summer wedding look is finding a dress that will be comfortable from the ceremony through the reception. In hotter temperatures, the best fabric choices are Linen, Cotton, Chiffon, Charmeause, and Silk. Depending on the type of wedding you are attending, from Beach casual to White Tie, you will have a different selection to choose from.

For a more casual Beach wedding, consider something like this one from Banana Republic. You might be competing against some pretty hot sun rays, so a strapless Linen dress may be the perfect way to go. It is definitely a very casual look, but you'll be able to dress it up with the right jewelry, hair, and shoes.

Banana Republic

For a more formal wedding, consider this Sleeveless dress in Silk Chiffon by J.CREW. The style of the arms, and the light fabric will allow you to feel much cooler than any heavy fabrics, and you remain very elegant!
To accessorize your comfortable Summer wedding apparel, you are going to need lightweight jewelry that won't stick to your skin. For many casual dresses, this is how you can really give your overall look a little more polish.

Try adding a thin light weight necklace that will add some sparkle without feeling like your being weighed down. This necklace by Loft is just two thin strands made up of a light chain with tiny beads. It will give your dress a little more glam and remain light and comfortable.

For bracelets and earrings go for similar themes. Light and thin, nothing bulky, like these bracelets and earrings also by Loft.

In finishing your Summer wedding look, you have to take into consideration your hair. The most comfortable way to wear your hair in higher temperatures is going to be up, but just because it is up doesn't mean it has to be a boring ponytail. There is a huge variety of ways to pin up your hair so that it is off your neck and shoulders, but also looks elegant and pretty. The examples below show you how to do it right. 

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine
In combining the perfect Summer dress, the right accessories, and a comfortable but beautiful hairstyle, your Summer Wedding look is going to not only look fantastic, but also keep you feeling cool throughout the night. Whether your sitting through the ceremony on the beach, or dancing under the stars, you came prepared to handle the elements! 

Our favorite 'Something Blue' Ideas!

Every bride knows the four most important rules to good luck when their getting married:
Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
Something BLUE!

We decided to dedicate this feature to helping our readers who were trying to come up with some creative ideas for their Something Blue, and came up with our own list of top 5 ideas! Hope you enjoy!

5.) These small blue letter appliques spell out the words "I Do" and go on the bottom of your wedding shoes! A great discrete way to wear something blue, that will also allow you to remember our big day each time your see your shoes!


4.) We loved the tiny blue flower hair pin that Anne Hathaway wore in her hair in the movie Bride Wars! It was just the right little pop of color between her dark brown hair and white dress and veil!

3.) By adding beautiful jewelry to your wedding look, you enhance your overall appearance from pretty to stunning! These diamond and topaz earrings by Max and Chloe give you a hint of light blue in the large center stone and look amazing!

2.) Try painting your nails a shade of blue to give your shoes a little pop of color! If it's too much for your fingers, use the polish on your toes!

1.) Naturally our top favorite Something Blue idea is adding a blue touch into your Bridal Bouquet! The one below shows some great detail work with blue beading tied around the handle of the bouquet, a specialty of Dana Markos Events!

Design by Dana Markos Events, Photography by Joe Mikos
These are our top five favorite Something Blue ideas for our Brides! Did you do something totally different? Did you forget until the day of?! Let us know!