A Different Kind of Bar for Your Wedding

People have been having Bars at their weddings and events for generations, but something new and special that we have started to see pop up is a Candy Bar! The Candy Bar is a great take away gift for your guests, and also acts as a great visual as a part of your reception. Depending on the theme of your wedding, the style of candy, from color, labels, and even types can be completely personalized to match!

If your wedding has a very specific color scheme that you would like to continue in multiple ways throughout the reception, consider setting up a Candy Bar to follow suit! By taking the colors that you want for your event, and using a variety of candies in that color, even if they are in different hues, your Candy Bar will look cohesive and delicious!

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If your wedding is taking place on or very close to a Holiday, and you plan on incorporating that into your event, think of classic colors and candies that people match with the Holiday in mind! Is it Christmas? Think classic red and white candy canes! Maybe it's Halloween? Orange and Black candies from lolly pops to chocolates will bring your guests back to Trick or Treating memories from when they were kids!
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If your event has more of a general theme rather than a specific color or Holiday, there are a lot of really unique and special options for you to consider! If your looking for an upscale look for your black or white tie wedding, consider a Black and White Candy Bar! This color scheme will look timeless and elegant. If your thinking of a vintage theme, consider bringing in some old fashioned candies! These old styled candies are surprisingly easy to find and will make a great impact on your guests! 

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When coming up with the perfect Candy Bar for your event, make sure that you consider what you want the overall look of your Wedding to be! If you incorporate similar colors, or match it to the theme of the wedding, whether it be a overall style, or upcoming Holiday, your Candy Bar will look amazing, and your guests will take home something much tastier and sweet than the average gift!

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