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As your two beautiful children flip through your wedding book in awe, they see their father, dressed in an elegant black suit, cleanly shaven, perfectly styled hair, shooting the camera a huge smile. It’s the best day of his life. They turn to the next page and gasp. Their mom has a luminous white dress on, covered in lace and bead details. Her hair is long, dark, and perfectly curled. The children’s gasp quickly turns to confusion as they turn to their mother and ask “Mom! Why do you have a mustache?”

Unique Images Photography

When getting ready to style the look of the photography you want to use for your wedding, it’s common to think about props or objects to use to make them a little more interesting than the standard line up of bridesmaids and groomsmen. While perusing the Internet, we came up with some pretty interesting looks bridal parties from across the country produced. Take a look below how we’ve seen it done right, and oh so wrong.

         As a general rule, never pose with an alcoholic beverage, especially a beer can. On your wedding day, all of your photos should say “This is the best day of my life!” not “I love to drink!”

Channing Johnson Photography
Instead, perhaps a candid shot of the bride and groom during a champagne toast. By not using the glass as a prop, the photograph will appear as a moment from the wedding, and will remain elegant.

Charlton Churchill Photography
As another rule, less is more. It may be tempting to throw on a feather boa and a sparkly hat, but no one is going to look back on these photos and comment on what a great sense of humor you have, their going to be thinking how ridiculous you look. 

Photos By Rowell
To stand out in pictures, try coordinating with the other bridesmaids and each wear a different colored shoe. The difference will be subtle and remain far more chic than a giant bow tie or gold chain. 

If subtlety isn’t your thing, and you want your bridal party to stand out, there are objects that are noticeable but in a good way. When picking out the prop you want your bridesmaids to model with, make sure it’s not something degrading. You can ask yourself this by thinking “If this picture we’re uploaded to Facebook, would I be embarrassed if people at work saw it?” By posing with an inappropriate object, like a gun, you run the risk of some severe eyebrow raising after the prints come out.

Photography by Jeffrey Simms
An up and coming object that we found is something a little bit more delicate. By using something pretty, like a gossamer parasol, the people in the photograph remain pretty. Instead of trying to personify the attitude of a riffle, the subjects can use their props to enhance the photo. 

Photography by Natalie Moser
While planning the photography for your big day, decide what feel you want your pictures to have. You can keep your photos different and interesting by adding special touches that make you and your bridal party unique, without going to far. If anyone objects to drinking through a curly straw out of a beer can, wearing a multi-colored feather boa, or posing with a gun that’s half their size, you may want to rethink your strategy. 

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