Wedding Superstitions

Bride's wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue for a little extra good luck, but what exactly are they worried about? We looked into Wedding Superstitions to see what has these brides crossing their fingers!

A marriage will have Bad Luck if:
The Groom sees the Bride on the day of the wedding before she walks down the aisle
The wedding is planned on the 13th of any month
The wedding is planned on the night of a Full Moon
If anyone other than the Bride wears white to the wedding
If the Bride does not wear a veil

For a little Good Luck, the Superstition specialists suggest:
Pinching the Bride
Saving the top layer of your wedding cake and eating it on the first year anniversary
Throwing rice as the couple exits
Saving any bows on gifts from the Bridal shower and making them into a bouquet for the rehearsal
Finding a spider in the Bride's wedding dress

Did any of you experience any Bad or Good Luck on your wedding day? Let us know!

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  1. What would offset the bad luck of getting married on a full moon? My son is getting married on the 13th of August.


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