What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

As the busy Summer wedding season continues, guests begin to struggle with what to wear to some of these hot outdoor weddings! We want to celebrate the beautiful Summer weather, but if your wearing something all wrong, you'll feel uncomfortable all night. We put together a helpful guide to help you choose the perfect Summer wedding attire, from the dress to the accessories!

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The most important element to finding the perfect Summer wedding look is finding a dress that will be comfortable from the ceremony through the reception. In hotter temperatures, the best fabric choices are Linen, Cotton, Chiffon, Charmeause, and Silk. Depending on the type of wedding you are attending, from Beach casual to White Tie, you will have a different selection to choose from.

For a more casual Beach wedding, consider something like this one from Banana Republic. You might be competing against some pretty hot sun rays, so a strapless Linen dress may be the perfect way to go. It is definitely a very casual look, but you'll be able to dress it up with the right jewelry, hair, and shoes.

Banana Republic

For a more formal wedding, consider this Sleeveless dress in Silk Chiffon by J.CREW. The style of the arms, and the light fabric will allow you to feel much cooler than any heavy fabrics, and you remain very elegant!
To accessorize your comfortable Summer wedding apparel, you are going to need lightweight jewelry that won't stick to your skin. For many casual dresses, this is how you can really give your overall look a little more polish.

Try adding a thin light weight necklace that will add some sparkle without feeling like your being weighed down. This necklace by Loft is just two thin strands made up of a light chain with tiny beads. It will give your dress a little more glam and remain light and comfortable.

For bracelets and earrings go for similar themes. Light and thin, nothing bulky, like these bracelets and earrings also by Loft.

In finishing your Summer wedding look, you have to take into consideration your hair. The most comfortable way to wear your hair in higher temperatures is going to be up, but just because it is up doesn't mean it has to be a boring ponytail. There is a huge variety of ways to pin up your hair so that it is off your neck and shoulders, but also looks elegant and pretty. The examples below show you how to do it right. 

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine
In combining the perfect Summer dress, the right accessories, and a comfortable but beautiful hairstyle, your Summer Wedding look is going to not only look fantastic, but also keep you feeling cool throughout the night. Whether your sitting through the ceremony on the beach, or dancing under the stars, you came prepared to handle the elements! 

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