Andrea and Erin's Wedding: Details on the Dress!

As their Fall wedding draws closer, the final decisions are being made and all of the pieces are coming together. Something we are excited to share with everyone is Andrea's Wedding Dress! We won't give it away completely, and we're definitely not showing anyone a picture, but keep reading for some details and let your imagination come up with the design!

When she was first considering a dress, Andrea wasn't planning on getting a Wedding Dress at all! She had been considering finding an evening dress instead  and skipping the traditional gown, but after shopping around she found a stunning, perfect wedding dress that will be sure to impress everyone on her and Erin's big day!

Don't think that just because Andrea decided to go with tradition and wear a Wedding Dress that her dress is traditional! The classic color for a wedding gown has always been white, so maybe Andrea decided to go with something else...cream, taupe, off white, bright red, who knows!
Most dresses have some type of embellishments, whether its ribbon, lace, or even crystals! We won't say what Andrea's dress has on it specifically, but you can trust us, it is certainly not plain!
So use your imagination and try to envision what Andrea will be walking down the aisle this Fall! Of course we will post pictures after the event so you can see if what you came up with was right!

Disney Theme Wedding Dresses

On the most important day of her life what Bride doesn't want to feel like a Princess? Wedding Dress Designer, Alfred Angelo has created an entire line of gowns in his "Fairy Tale Weddings" collection, all of which represent a different Disney Princess! Now all the girls out there who want the Cinderella fairy tale wedding, can even dress based on her inspiration. Check out some of the beautiful designs below and see if you can tell how the designer took aspects of each Princess and incorporated it into each dress!

Ariel, The Little Mermaid
Alfred Angelo Design

Jasmine, Aladdin

Alfred Angelo Design

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Alfred Angelo Design

Tiana, The Princess and the Frog

Alfred Angelo Design

Alfred Angelo Design

Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Alfred Angelo Design

Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Alfred Angelo Design

Who was your favorite Disney Princess growing up? Is the dress designed in her image something you like now? Be sure to visit Alfred Angelo's website at to find out more information about the dresses and his other lines!

Why be on a Wedding themed show? Cash and Prizes!

One of the major new themes that has begun to dominate television networks is anything Bridal. From dress shopping, to full wedding planning coverage, there seems to be shows dedicated to every aspect of Bridal! We decided to take a look at some of the most popular shows, and see what the participants were getting out of being on the show, from money to prizes. Continue reading to see what was in it for them!

WE TV's Bridezillas: We've all seen a Bride break under pressure, but no show documents this better then WE TV's Bridezillas! This show follows stressed out Brides throughout their planning process, all the way through their reception, with every problem or mishap that occurs. Needless to say the Bride does not get a a very nice reputation, so why are they willing to be filmed? A fabulous cash prize of course! The WE TV website describes that Bridezilla participants are "Generously Compensated", and Internet buzz claims they receive anywhere from $2500 to $10,000.

TLC's Four Weddings: Four Weddings brings four Brides in similar areas of the country together, and has each of them attend and rate the other's weddings. They give each woman a score based on their dress, food, venue, and overall experience. The participants don't look as crazy as the ones on Bridezillas appear, but it must be hard to have a group blatantly judging your special day. The perk: The Bride who receives the highest score will receive the honeymoon of their dreams!

WE TV's My Fair Wedding: On My Fair Wedding, David Tutera helps a chosen Bride completely revamp their wedding, and create something truly spectacular. The Brides who are selected to be on this show receive new dresses for themselves and their bridal party, new decor, gourmet food, a fabulous venue, and even more! It is probably slightly embarrassing for the participants to be judged by what they previously had selected, but with all of the major improvements that David provides, it certainly appears worth it.

Bridal themed television shows have definitely taken over major television networks and with good reason! Seeing how another couple is doing it right or wrong is pure entertainment. If anything, it reassures the watcher that when they get stressed with the planning, they are not alone!

Redesigning an Event Space: Ceilings

When creating the event design for your Wedding, party, or other significant event, it can be a major challenge to give the room an elegant feel if it's taking place in a average venue, like a large hall or room. This past season we have gotten the chance to completely transform rooms, and one of the major aspects we haven't talked about in the past has been by redesigning the ceiling!

Partial Fabric Drape:
By adding sections of fabric draped across the ceiling, you can create an ethereal feeling to sweep throughout your venue.

Elizabeth Anne Designs

Complete Fabric Drape:
If you enjoy the fabric draping aesthetic, you may want to consider having the ceiling fully draped in fabric, creating an entirely different look for the event space.

Jen Fariello Photography, The Knot

To continue accessorizing your ceiling, there are other objects that can be brought in to give the area more dimension and also a glow of light. The key for these lanterns is that they are made out of a higher quality material then the crepe paper ones you might see at the party store, so they remain elegant and expensive looking.

Design Light Co
If you like the idea of bringing in a lighting technique that adds dimension to your ceiling, but want to give it more sparkle, you can consider bringing in crystal chandeliers. These make the event space look a little more fancy and can also bring an average space to an elegant ballroom.
If your hosting your wedding in an event hall, or a venue most of your family and friends will be very familiar with, you probably want to figure out some way to make the location look more special and different from normal. You should consider taking some of these fabulous ideas to completely recreate your space and give your event an elegant transformation that will have your guests shocked!

Keep watch for an upcoming blog that will display how we completely redesigned an event venue this past week using some of the techniques discussed above!

Engagment Photos Inspired by Movies...Part 2!!

A couple of months ago we did a feature on Engagement Photos inspired by movies and got a fantastic response! In the original post, we featured three shoots, each themed by an awesome movie, including The Notebook, UP!, and Alice in Wonderland. For part two of this piece we took another look and found even more movie inspired Engagement Photos and are so excited to share them with everyone again!

Starting with some older favorites, we chose this Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired feature by Axioo Photography. From the styling, to the venues, this shoot is the perfect representation of the movie. For a storyline that is a combination of fashion and romance, this theme will create a fabulous memory for the couple to look back on forever!

The next shoot we found was this vintage look shoot inspired by the movie Atonement with photography by Stephanie Fay. Set on a beautiful estate, with some really gorgeous vintage stylings, this shoot looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The final inspired shoot that we came across was this more modern love story that has created somewhat of a cult following, Twilight. Before you roll your eyes, take a look at the photography by K& K Photography! This shoot is really accurate to the movie and if your someone who enjoys the series, it's definitely something to think about!

Hope everyone enjoyed this Part 2 to our Movie Inspired Engagement Photo feature! Taking your favorite movie and fashioning a shoot out of it will create something memorable from this period of your life. Did any of you use some movie inspiration for your engagement photography?