Andrea and Erin's Wedding: Details on the Dress!

As their Fall wedding draws closer, the final decisions are being made and all of the pieces are coming together. Something we are excited to share with everyone is Andrea's Wedding Dress! We won't give it away completely, and we're definitely not showing anyone a picture, but keep reading for some details and let your imagination come up with the design!

When she was first considering a dress, Andrea wasn't planning on getting a Wedding Dress at all! She had been considering finding an evening dress instead  and skipping the traditional gown, but after shopping around she found a stunning, perfect wedding dress that will be sure to impress everyone on her and Erin's big day!

Don't think that just because Andrea decided to go with tradition and wear a Wedding Dress that her dress is traditional! The classic color for a wedding gown has always been white, so maybe Andrea decided to go with something else...cream, taupe, off white, bright red, who knows!
Most dresses have some type of embellishments, whether its ribbon, lace, or even crystals! We won't say what Andrea's dress has on it specifically, but you can trust us, it is certainly not plain!
So use your imagination and try to envision what Andrea will be walking down the aisle this Fall! Of course we will post pictures after the event so you can see if what you came up with was right!

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