Engagment Photos Inspired by Movies...Part 2!!

A couple of months ago we did a feature on Engagement Photos inspired by movies and got a fantastic response! In the original post, we featured three shoots, each themed by an awesome movie, including The Notebook, UP!, and Alice in Wonderland. For part two of this piece we took another look and found even more movie inspired Engagement Photos and are so excited to share them with everyone again!

Starting with some older favorites, we chose this Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired feature by Axioo Photography. From the styling, to the venues, this shoot is the perfect representation of the movie. For a storyline that is a combination of fashion and romance, this theme will create a fabulous memory for the couple to look back on forever!

The next shoot we found was this vintage look shoot inspired by the movie Atonement with photography by Stephanie Fay. Set on a beautiful estate, with some really gorgeous vintage stylings, this shoot looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The final inspired shoot that we came across was this more modern love story that has created somewhat of a cult following, Twilight. Before you roll your eyes, take a look at the photography by K& K Photography! This shoot is really accurate to the movie and if your someone who enjoys the series, it's definitely something to think about!

Hope everyone enjoyed this Part 2 to our Movie Inspired Engagement Photo feature! Taking your favorite movie and fashioning a shoot out of it will create something memorable from this period of your life. Did any of you use some movie inspiration for your engagement photography?

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