Look Great and Feel Great for Your Big Day!

Everyone wants to look FABULOUS on their wedding day, and not  worry about how they will look in pictures, if their dress will still fit, and if they are going to (most importantly) feel great on that day.  Getting in shape and eating right has never been easier - and if you have a few months to go before your wedding, here are some great ideas as to how you too can shed some pounds and feel your best!

1.  Change up what you would normally eat.  It is now time to cut out all fast food, processed, junk foods, and any foods that you can microwave!  Think of planning your meals ahead of time, and really try to get some more greens into your diet!  Have a salad for lunch or dinner and make a nice piece of chicken to go on top of it!  This is a great way to stay filled throughout your day, get some protein, and most importantly get those bad foods away.

2.  GET ACTIVE!  Don't sit around too much stressing about your upcoming wedding.  Instead try to workout at least 4-5 times a week for at least 1 hour.  When working out, you have to really confuse your muscles in order to see some results.  Rather than going on the elliptical for 30 minutes, do more circuit training.  Run/speed walk for 15 minutes, strength training for 10 minutes, and abs for 5 minutes, and then repeat!  Another great idea is to try some new activities, take some spinning classes, yoga, Pilate's, or Zumba classes at your local gym to make sure your routine doesn't get boring!  More ideas could be to find some local trails in your area and go for a hike when it is a nice day out, this way it won't feel too much like you are working out, rather you are enjoying a nice day with your fiance, or friends!

3.  Drink lots of water - limit alcohol consumption and soda.  It may seem crazy but once you reduce the amount of alcohol you drink and replace is all with water, you will see a major difference in how you feel, your skin complexion, and weight dropping off.  It may seem too good to be true, but if you try it out it will work! Also, cut out soda, it is very high in sugar and this will definitely not help you shed some pounds, even diet drinks - cut it all out!

4.  Eat breakfast!  This will jump start your metabolism for the day and really get you feeling energized early on.  Now, this doesn't mean you can just eat whatever you want, you still need to plan ahead for this meal!  Egg whites are a tasty option for when you wake up and fun to make too - you can put some peppers, onions, broccoli, whatever you want, in it to appeal to you!  Another great option is to make yourself a nice smoothie.  This has lots of different fruits in it, and with yogurt or milk it also gets some of that dairy into your day as well.

5.  Portion control!  This is KEY!!  Eating too much of anything is bad for you, so try to limit yourself to one serving of anything you eat.  Make one omelet for breakfast, have one bowl of cereal with fruit, have one bowl of salad with chicken on top.  This may seem drastic and leave you wondering - will I always be hungry?  But you will get used to it, and it will soon become a habit to always eat this healthily!

Now have fun food shopping, and working out with friends and family!

We would love to hear about your workout regime, or what other tips you may have to offer.

Destination Weddings Close to Home!

Although destination weddings are a fun and glamorous idea, they're not always realistic for every brides budget, especially with the limit it puts on the amount of guests that can attend. So maybe you can't afford to travel to a destination like Hawaii for your wedding, but there are still ways to create the feeling of a destination wedding that's closer to home.

Start by picking a neutral location that's far enough away from home that guests would have to stay over  but close enough that is isn't a pain for your guests to get there. Recently a friend of the business had a wedding up in Vermont and the couple was from New Hampshire. The distance was far enough away that all the guests came and stayed for the weekend to make the wedding feel like it was a destination feeling.

When looking for a venue for your close to home destination wedding start by looking in your own city. Is there a state park or historic church in your area, or what about a little bed-and-breakfast inn? 
If you can't find anything in your town consider look in your whole state or surrounding states!

Consider renting a few houses or a block of condos for everyone to stay at together on a beach for a week or for even a long weekend. This will give everyone the relaxing, carefree feeling of a destination wedding. This is a great idea for brides and grooms with older relatives that don't like to fly or friends with small children because it not only cuts back on costs and allows everyone to attend, but parents with small children don't have to worry about finding someone to watch their kids. Having a destination wedding close to home is also great for people who can't wait a lot of time off of work.


Another thing to take into consideration is that some of your guests are from out of town so anywhere you choose will be a new and fun destination for them! In the end a wedding is a celebration shared among friends and family and no matter if it's held on a tropical island or in your back yard its going to be a special and beautiful day!!!

The Short Engagement!

Congratulations on your engagement!  Now only have a few months to plan it?  No worries, a short engagement is totally do-able and will still be just as fabulous as you have always imagined.  Here are some tips to make your planning as stress free as possible:

1.  Be Flexible!  As far as picking out a date and location, you are going to be limited since it will be such short notice.  Keep in mind, weddings can also take place on a Friday afternoon/evening, and on a Sunday!  This will open up so many doors for you while planning and allow you to have more options.

2.  Get Save the Dates/Invitations out ASAP.  Once you have a location and date set, consider sending out Save the Dates so you're guests will be aware of the date and able to reserve it.  Remember, a Save the Date doesn't always have to be sent out, you could just send the invitation right away.  The general rule of thumb is that wedding invitations are to be sent out 6 weeks before the wedding.  This allows time for response cards to come back and give the couple a head count.


3.  Cut out all the extra "Stuff."  Make your wedding as simple as possible.  Consider having less things on the table, or wedding favors for all the guests.  Instead focus on the big things you really care about:  wedding dress, bridal party dresses, tux rentals, flowers/bouquets/arrangements, seating arrangements, and decorations (lighting, etc).  If you want to do this, you should really think about what matters to you most on that day and focus on making those pieces perfect!


4.  Do it without the professionals.  Now, this doesn't mean you have to bake your own wedding cake, if you want to get it done by a baker - go for it!  One idea may be that you give out cameras at your wedding for people to take pictures and leave in a basket on their way out for you to print, or ask your guests to send you pictures after the wedding through email!  This way you don't have to worry about booking a photographer or even paying for it.  Also, it is a great way to get candid shots of everyone at your wedding, and as each one is printing it is a great way to remember the night and reminisce about everything!  As far as the formal pictures, if you have a friend who is into photography, ask them if they would mind taking an hour or so after the ceremony to snap a few photos!

5.  Have fun and breathe!  Remember, this is your wedding day - it shouldn't be stressful.  You want to have fun planning it, and with a short engagement you can't get caught up in the little things.  Really make sure, like in tip #3, to focus on the things that matter the most to you and your family, this will make planning so much more enjoyable and special!

Can't wait to hear about what you are doing to make the most of your short engagement, and how you are staying organized!

Happy planning!

The Backyard Wedding

Have you ever really thought of the backyard you used to play kickball in, or run around with friends in could possibly be the place where you get married?  Well, it can be!  The backyard wedding has become very popular and is really picking up momentum.  It is a wonderful place for family and friends to gather, and with this intimate, private space it really allows everyone to be comfortable and relaxed on such an eventful day.

Holding the ceremony and reception in a beautiful yard will also save you a bundle!  Saving money on the location allows the couple to splurge on gorgeous flowers for the wedding party and centerpieces, dinner for the reception, and also to book that great band you wanted to play!

Even though it is your backyard, the reception can still be elegant!  Here are a few ways to really change the space and make the most of what is there.

1.  Use tents!  They are great way to make an open space feel more closed in and allows people to feel like they are in the same "room" as one another.  Using these elements it creates a feeling of closeness during the day and into the night.  Tents are also a great way to protect your guests from the sunlight if the ceremony and reception are during the afternoon.


2.  Lighting is also a key aspect to any outdoor/backyard wedding.  Having fun and different types of lighting really change the feel of the day when it becomes dark out.  Candles, lanterns, or string lights are a great way to make the space feel beautiful and elegant even when the sun goes down.


3.  Linens are also a wonderful way to dress up a normally casual space.  Bringing in different colors, beading, and textures are great ways to spruce up plain tables!  Another idea would be to have a runner go down the center of just a plain white table linen.  This way it you could still achieve a traditional look  but with a pop of color, or texture to the center.  


Good luck with your very on Backyard Wedding, we would love to hear some of the things that you did or are planning on doing!

Retro Weddings - Think 1950s


There are many different ways to make your special day a little more special, one way is by giving it a retro 50's vibe. When planning a themed wedding of any kind it's all about the details of the event that make the theme really come to life. From the small trinkets on the table to the dress and the hairstyle of the bride and her bridesmaids, every details that goes into the event will set the a retro tone for the guests.

For a complete vintage feeling talk to your photographer about the look you want for your pictures,  consider renting a vintage photo booth for guests to take pictures to take home for a memento or place disposable cameras on your guests tables so they can leave you a fun surprise. 


As a bride your overall look, from the dress to the hair and make up will really help contribute to the retro feeling of your wedding. By adding small details such as 1950's inspired gloves, pearls and a 50's style wedding dress your retro wedding will really come together and will not only put you in the right outfit for your big day but in the right attitude as well! As a bride not only your dress but your hair should reflect the 1950's era, you could take one of the famous hairstyles from the 50's and modernize it to your liking!




The food at your retro wedding can also help to set the scene. Candy and Soda shops were very popular in the 50's, set up stations for your guests such as a candy station or an ice cream station, you could even get a soda fountain. Sticking with the 50's theme consider american classics for the wedding meal. When deciding on the music for your big day consider a 50's style live band or research popular songs from the era for the DJ to play. 

The table decor for your 50's vintage wedding can be made up of odds and ends found in antique stores or your families attics. It should be simple but elegant, without spending a fortune!


Of course all the ideas listed can be modernized and altered to your personal liking but I hope some of these ideas got your Retro 50's creative juices flowing!

Cupakes and No Wedding Cake?

Recently we have been noticing a new, and fun trend that has come out in weddings; cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake!  There are new fresh alternatives to traditional wedding cakes and this is one that has really been a hit.  Using cupcakes the bride is able to be even more creative as to what she wants them too look like.

Here the bride can change up the flavors of each one and therefore really appeal to everyone's taste buds.  Some of the popular flavors and a few unconventional flavors tend to be vanilla, chocolate, lemon, peanut butter, s'mores, pumpkin, apple, and red velvet.  Remember, you can always mix and match icing flavors as well to really change it all up!



The bride could also add more color than she had originally intended!  She will not only be able match the colors of her wedding, but also add more colors in that really make the cupcakes pop during the reception.

By using the cupcakes the bride is still able to achieve the multi-tiered look that she originally wanted, but instead the tiers would be filled with tons of cute, fun, and tasty cupcakes!

Here are some more ways people have gotten creative with this concept, and really made it their own to fit such a special day in their lives:
Phoebe's Cupcakes

flickr.com, clevercupcakes

Now go have fun picking out your wedding cupcakes and don't be afraid of being colorful, and doing something different!  We'd love to hear of what you are thinking for your wedding dessert!

Groomsmen Gifts

Picking out the right gift for someone is always a difficult task.  Getting the right gift for all of your Groomsmen can be even harder.  Here are some useful tips that can help the Groom figure out what the perfect gift could be for all of his guys:

1.  Personal budget.  Make sure you aren't stretching your bank too far!
2.  Consider what some of the guys hobbies are: i.e. running, hiking, cars, etc.
3.  Do you want to give the same gift for each guy, or really personalize it and make each one different?
4.  Remember the ages of each the groomsmen.  If there is a large age gap, be cautious of gifts that don't fit each person's personality.
5.  Have fun with the picking process!

Some great ideas that men have been turning to are some of the classics styles: cuff links, flasks, and Swiss Army Knives, all of which could be monogrammed and made even more personal, and used for years to come.
Gordon's Jewelers

Are your groomsmen into beer?  Get them tickets to a local brewery for a taste testing!  These tickets are are sure to not be forgotten about and they could even all go together and reminisce about the wedding and how much fun it was!

Maybe one of the groomsmen is really into golf; you could get them a personalized golf towel or two; you know that this would be used, and used well!


Have fun shopping, and let us know what you have bought or are thinking of buying!

Horses within a Wedding

There are many ways to include horses within a wedding, whether it be traditional, or just because you are a horse lover!  Here are a couple of ways they have been included in both scenarios:

In a traditional Northern Indian wedding there is a "Baraat", which is the large precession for the Groom to ride to the Brides house on a white/grey horse which includes dancers, music, and its very own band.  When the Groom arrives at the entrance to his Bride's house he is greeted by all of the elders, family, and friends all waiting with large garlands and lots of excitement!

Tom Weis Photography
Another popular way to include horses would be a whole wedding ceremony on horseback.  Out West it is very popular to go the entire ceremony ontop of a horse!  The officiant would ride up first, followed by the Groom, and finally the Bride.  There are different options as to what one could wear as well - informal, in jeans and western wear or dressed up in an actual tux and gown.

MD Resort, Bed & Breakfast

How would you incorporate horses into your wedding?

Getting Ready for Fall

The Summer has gone by incredibly fast, with some really amazing Weddings and events that we can not wait to share with everyone! As September begins we are putting together a variety of awesome projects, and getting ready for our new interns to join the DME team. As far as the upcoming Fall is concerned, we have started to piece together some new trends that we think are going to really take off this season. Check out a variety of new ideas, from fabric choices to floral design!

It seems as of lately, clients have become more interested in using a variety of fabric choices to enhance the aesthetics of their event. Many clients are shying away from traditional solid colors of linen, like white, and going for fabrics with more texture and color. Whether it is the tablecloths or fabrics hanging from the ceilings, you may start to see a bigger variety of linens while attending your upcoming Fall events!
Paradise Delight Florist
Paradise Delight Florist

In addition to changing the fabrics, many Brides and Grooms have started mixing the size and shape of the tables used for their event. By using a variety of tables, the event looks less uniform, and also allows different venues to look as if their room was meant for your party, especially if the room has a creative shape with alcoves. Keeping the set up of the tables, from the linens to the dinnerware the same will keep the event looking cohesive, but the tables will provide optimum comfort and style to the location.

Weddings By Color

The Knot
As far as floral design, this coming Fall you will begin to see much more creative boutonnieres for the Groom. Instead of simply matching the Bride's bouquet flowers, couples have become more willing to play with color, use different shapes, and create something original and beautiful that suites the person wearing it!
Design by DME, Photography by Joe Mikos Photography

We will keep a look out for additional trends that arise and keep everyone informed! We are already looking forward to a busy Fall, and can't wait to share it with all of you.