Cupakes and No Wedding Cake?

Recently we have been noticing a new, and fun trend that has come out in weddings; cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake!  There are new fresh alternatives to traditional wedding cakes and this is one that has really been a hit.  Using cupcakes the bride is able to be even more creative as to what she wants them too look like.

Here the bride can change up the flavors of each one and therefore really appeal to everyone's taste buds.  Some of the popular flavors and a few unconventional flavors tend to be vanilla, chocolate, lemon, peanut butter, s'mores, pumpkin, apple, and red velvet.  Remember, you can always mix and match icing flavors as well to really change it all up!

The bride could also add more color than she had originally intended!  She will not only be able match the colors of her wedding, but also add more colors in that really make the cupcakes pop during the reception.

By using the cupcakes the bride is still able to achieve the multi-tiered look that she originally wanted, but instead the tiers would be filled with tons of cute, fun, and tasty cupcakes!

Here are some more ways people have gotten creative with this concept, and really made it their own to fit such a special day in their lives:
Phoebe's Cupcakes, clevercupcakes

Now go have fun picking out your wedding cupcakes and don't be afraid of being colorful, and doing something different!  We'd love to hear of what you are thinking for your wedding dessert!

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