Horses within a Wedding

There are many ways to include horses within a wedding, whether it be traditional, or just because you are a horse lover!  Here are a couple of ways they have been included in both scenarios:

In a traditional Northern Indian wedding there is a "Baraat", which is the large precession for the Groom to ride to the Brides house on a white/grey horse which includes dancers, music, and its very own band.  When the Groom arrives at the entrance to his Bride's house he is greeted by all of the elders, family, and friends all waiting with large garlands and lots of excitement!

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Another popular way to include horses would be a whole wedding ceremony on horseback.  Out West it is very popular to go the entire ceremony ontop of a horse!  The officiant would ride up first, followed by the Groom, and finally the Bride.  There are different options as to what one could wear as well - informal, in jeans and western wear or dressed up in an actual tux and gown.

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How would you incorporate horses into your wedding?

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  1. If you have the traditional ceremony for a wedding, you can add horses by riding them after the ceremony instead of riding a fancy car. Isn't it romantic? Just make sure the horse is well trained to avoid accidents.


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