Retro Weddings - Think 1950s

There are many different ways to make your special day a little more special, one way is by giving it a retro 50's vibe. When planning a themed wedding of any kind it's all about the details of the event that make the theme really come to life. From the small trinkets on the table to the dress and the hairstyle of the bride and her bridesmaids, every details that goes into the event will set the a retro tone for the guests.

For a complete vintage feeling talk to your photographer about the look you want for your pictures,  consider renting a vintage photo booth for guests to take pictures to take home for a memento or place disposable cameras on your guests tables so they can leave you a fun surprise.

As a bride your overall look, from the dress to the hair and make up will really help contribute to the retro feeling of your wedding. By adding small details such as 1950's inspired gloves, pearls and a 50's style wedding dress your retro wedding will really come together and will not only put you in the right outfit for your big day but in the right attitude as well! As a bride not only your dress but your hair should reflect the 1950's era, you could take one of the famous hairstyles from the 50's and modernize it to your liking!

The food at your retro wedding can also help to set the scene. Candy and Soda shops were very popular in the 50's, set up stations for your guests such as a candy station or an ice cream station, you could even get a soda fountain. Sticking with the 50's theme consider american classics for the wedding meal. When deciding on the music for your big day consider a 50's style live band or research popular songs from the era for the DJ to play. 

The table decor for your 50's vintage wedding can be made up of odds and ends found in antique stores or your families attics. It should be simple but elegant, without spending a fortune!

Of course all the ideas listed can be modernized and altered to your personal liking but I hope some of these ideas got your Retro 50's creative juices flowing!

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  1. Of course, when you think of retro or vintage, the clothing of your favorite era will surely spring to mind. There are some fantastic options for vintage inspired bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Give some thought as to which particular decade appeals to you the most, and aim to be consistent in choosing a wedding dress and bridesmaid outfits that have details from the same time period. They do not need to be original vintage or even exact replicas; they should just flow together.


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