A Gluten Free Wedding

Deciding on a caterer can be a very difficult task when planning a wedding.  So many considerations go into what they can provide, the cost, and pricing.  When planning the meal, a very important concern should be if any of your guests have food allergies.  A common new allergy that is affecting a lot of people is Celiac's Disease, which is an allergy to gluten.  To have a gluten free option for a meal is very important and could be a necessity.


One suggestion which would be to have a total Gluten-Free Wedding.  This way, no guest has to question whether or not they are able to eat some of the hors d'oeuvres, entree, or cake that is being served throughout the day.

Even some celebrities have had gluten free weddings or eat gluten free everyday.  Chelsea Clinton's wedding cake in 2010 was all gluten free, and Gwyneth Paltrow lives a gluten free life!

If this is not an option, make sure the caterer knows exactly what Celiac's is and how to properly cook for it and how to avoid cross contamination.  One idea, would be to look at some menu's online of different caterer's in your area, and see if they offer gluten free menu's or gluten free options.  Chances are if they are already providing this service on their website or brochure, they have done it before at an event!

The items that would not be able to be consumed would be anything that contains the following grains: wheat, rye and barley.

The guests who are gluten-free would really appreciate this little consideration, and would allow them to enjoy the festivities so much more!  So give it a thought when planning your big day!

We would love to hear some of the gluten free recipes you are planning on using!

Surprise the Newlyweds with a Little Decorating!

What could be a better way to get some attention drawn to the newlyweds as they drive around town with a cool car and great decorations?  One idea that never goes out of style is decorating the car they will be arriving to the reception in or leaving the reception in!  It is a great little surprise for the couple to see this when they step outside.  Even though they may fee a little silly with it all, they will love the attention and congratulations they will receive from random passer-byers!

There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for this surprise and in the actual process of decorating:

Get approval from the rental company if the car is rented!  This is very important because they may have decorations that the company provides or have they may have rules and regulations about what can and cannot be used on the car.

It is usually the duty of the Best Man and/or members of the Bridal Party to put this all together.  The decorating usually takes place quickly and secretly before the couple leaves the location of the ceremony or before they leave the reception.

Keep in mind the kind of couple they are and what kind of car they are driving in when buying and looking for decorations!  Are they very classic and traditional couple, and the car is something a little older and high end?  If so, use more flowers, bows and ribbons and have a nice sign on the back that says Just Married with a pretty font.  Keep it pretty simple so it doesn't take away from the classic beauty of the car and the couple.  It will also stay in sync with the rest of their wedding and the feel.


What if your couple is really outgoing, silly, fun, and maybe a little quirky?  Are they driving in a fun old VW Beetle or a cool convertible?  Go with something a little different, maybe some window paint, streamers, and balloons!  This is a fun way to keep them laughing through the day, and even in years to come when they look back at pictures and they see how fun the car ride was!



Although this decorating can be loads of fun, remember some of the safety concerns as well.  Cans are always a classic idea to have clanging behind the car, but these cans can also cause sparks and no one wants that kind of a problem on their wedding day.  It is also against the law in some places because of the fire hazards.  Also, don't put any kind of sugar products on the car such as whip cream, the sugar will ruin the paint job.  One last tip - don't obstruct the drivers view!  Window paint can be a lot of fun, but keep in mind that the driver still needs to see where they are going, so don't get too carried away and color in the whole back window.

Now go have tons of fun surprising the newlyweds, and have fun decorating, this is something they will remember for the rest of their lives!

And don't forget...  Take lots of pictures!

Andrea and Erin's Wedding: The Big Day!

After months of planning, designing, and blogging, the time has finally come. Tomorrow is Andrea an Erin's Wedding!!! When we began following their wedding process we were just getting to know Andrea and Erin, and as we shared each step of the way with our readers, they became not only wonderful clients, but great friends.

Over the past year you have found out about their venue, the photographer, the cake, even the dress, and now tomorrow is the big day! We aren't giving away too much more information, but consider this picture somewhat of a teaser of some of the gorgeous floral design work we have in store!

Be sure to check back soon for the full coverage of the event, we will be sure to show pictures of every aspect that we shared with you earlier, and definitely all of the other surprises we have in store!

Wear-again Bridesmaids Dresses.


The excitement that is felt when a close friend or a family member asks you to be a part of their wedding as a bridesmaid is indescribable! Some bridesmaids have it easy with a laid back, easy- going bride that wants her bridesmaids to pick their own dress (as long as it's in the right color) so they will be happy and comfortable in the dress they wear and hopefully be able to wear it again. On the other hand some bridesmaids get a dark feeling of dread when thinking about the "unique" choice of bridesmaid dress that will be chosen for them to sport down the isle. 
Todays modern bride wants her bridal party to feel comfortable, pretty and stylish in the dress they wear for their wedding day. Hopefully the days of the ungenerous bride, who purposely dresses her bridesmaids in ugly dresses to keep all the attention on herself are long gone. Nobody wants to end up with a closet full of tacky bridesmaid dress that they will never wear again like in the movie 27 Dresses, so here are a few key points of advice when picking the perfect wear-again bridesmaid dress.


The first key to picking a bridesmaid dress that can be worn again is making sure the dress is not a full-length dress. Full-length dresses are usually more formal and harder to wear again unless you are attending some sort of gala event. Choosing a cocktail length dress for your bridal party gives them the opportunity  to be able to wear the dress multiple times to all different kinds of events. Cocktail length dresses are more flattering on a wide range of people compared to full- length dresses, especially if you have people in your bridal party that are on the shorter side. 


The second key for the perfect wear-again bridesmaid dress is to make sure that it is simple. No embellishing or crazy patterns, and as for the color, lets just hope your brides wedding colors aren’t to extreme. As a bride try to choose a dress design for your bridesmaids that is simple and classic with just a little detail, this way it will be timeless and never go out of style. A dress like this will give your bridesmaids options to wear the dress again to a holiday party or even as a guest to another wedding. 

You may be asking yourself, "Where can I begin to look for a dress like this?" well there area  few different places you can begin to take a look. Davids Bridal has a line on their website called "wear-again... styles that go the extra mile". The style of the dresses were are all picked keeping the idea in mind that they could be worn again, there are many different styles and each dress comes in a variety of different color options. Another place you can always find quality, classic, beautiful dresses is at j.crew, their website has a whole section devoted to weddings, with tons of different bridesmaid dresses to choose from ranging in different fabrics and colors to find the perfect one to match the colors of your wedding. 



There are many different places to find the perfect wear-again dresses for your bridal party, and if you  want to make sure your bridesmaids really truly love their dresses then simply just ask them their opinion! Of course your bridal party knows that it's your big day and want to do everything to make your dreams come true but there is nothing wrong with getting their input when choosing the bridesmaid dresses. I hope these tricks to finding the perfect wear-again bridesmaid dresses for your special day were helpful and gave you some ideas to get you jump started on your search. Just remember to stay away from.....



Ben & Jeanne at the Boston Pubic Library

The preparation for Ben and Jeanne's wedding at the Boston Public Library on October 1st took some serious planning and a lot of teamwork. The week was spent preparing arrangements and making trips into Boston to ensure that everything would run smoothly and turn out perfect on the day of the wedding.

The morning of October 1st the Dana Markos Events team was up bright and early at 6:30 am excited and ready for the day. The Boston Public Library gave us from 7:00-9:00 am to deliver all of our flowers, plants and glass vases before the library opened to the public. When our team arrived at the library it was raining and we had to work quickly and carefully to make sure we unloaded all of our vans and had everything inside before the library opened at 9:00 and in one piece.

Dana Markos Events
Luckily we were able to get everything unloaded and into the room before 9:00 am. We headed back Ipswich for a short break to gather more supplies and talk about our plan for later in the day, and the set-up that would happen before the wedding. From there we headed back into Boston at 1:00 pm for the rest of the day and to prepare for the ceremony that was later that evening. At 5:00 pm the library closed to the public and everyone was running around to prepare for the ceremony at 6:30 and reception that was to follow in Bates Hall, and the Abbey Room.

Dana Markos Events
As our team rushed to get all of the arrangements and candles placed onto the cocktail and dinner tables, other vendors such as the caterers, band and lighting team were trying to set up as well. It took a lot of work and communication to get everything in place but when all was said and done it looked beautiful.

Dana Markos Events

Dana Markos Events 
Jeanne and Ben’s wedding had a wonderful feeling from the get-go. Although it was raining all day, by the time the ceremony took place it had cleared up beautifully.  The bride had indicated that she really wanted an organic feel to this wedding, and although she wanted white colors for her roses, hydrangea, and orchids she also wanted small green natural plants that would continue living after the wedding. Some of these plants included Ivy, ferns, Sweet Potato plants, and many more. 

The ceremony took place in the courtyard of the library facing the fountain. Candles were lit on the wall of the fountain that set a gorgeous backdrop to where Jeanne and Ben were married.  The tall glass cylinder pillars had moss laying on the bottom with a candle on top, and the other pillars had a bouquet of hydrangea at the top with more candles up-lighting the arrangements, all keeping in mind the organic feel.   

Dana Markos Events 

After the ceremony the guests were ushered into the Abbey Room and Chavannes Gallery for the cocktail hour.  All of the tables were draped in a green table cloth with a small plant placed on top with curly willow placed in the plants to bring the natural feel even more alive. The arrangement on the Welcome Table was a tall arrangement of more hydrangea, and roses with mini orchids surrounding it on the bottom.      

Dana Markos Events 

Following the cocktail hour everyone went into Bates Hall for their dinner and dessert. Along each table were all of the natural plants along with hydrangea arrangements, roses, and orchids.  For the centerpieces there was a mix of height, some shorter and some much taller. The taller pieces were in a glass flute that had tall branches reaching out with small orchids attached to the branches.  

Dana Markos Events 
Dana Markos Events 

The wedding turned out just as the bride and groom had wanted and both families seemed very pleased with the outcome as well. It was a great wedding to work on and everyone enjoyed themselves!

Congratulations to Jeanne & Ben and may you have a long and happy marriage!!!

Vendor Spotlight, Ra-Mu and the Crew

DME: We have seen some clips of you guys on the Internet, and you seem to have so much fun, and really keep the energy alive during a wedding!  Can you give us a little history of your business?  When/how did it get started?

Ra-Mu and the Crew:  We went full time in 2000 with Ra-Mu and the Crew in an effort to avoid corporate America.  I started DJ weddings for other companies back in 1995 as a sophomore at Boston College.  It's been a long journey.

DME:  When working with a bride and groom on their wedding what is the experience usually like?  Who usually takes charge, and is there a lot of compromise on what will come out of this service?

Ra-Mu and the Crew:  99% of the time, the bride takes charge and is part of most of the communication exchange.  Not a lot of compromise.  We like to think that all of our weddings go extremely well!

DME:  What is the most unique, amazing, or favorite event you've ever worked on?

Ra-Mu and the Crew:  All of the weddings are unique and amazing.  No favorites here. Every wedding brings a different group of people coming together.  It's our job to make it happen.

DME:  Are there any new trends coming up for Fall/Winter 2011 in the wedding entertainment industry that you have noticed?

Ra-Mu and the Crew:  Video is big.  Photobooths remain hot.  And entertainment, in a tasteful manner, is coming back in a big way.  No bride wants some stiff DJ standing in the corner and twiddling his thumbs.

To contact Ra-Mu and the Crew to entertain your wedding, go to any of these websites: