Surprise the Newlyweds with a Little Decorating!

What could be a better way to get some attention drawn to the newlyweds as they drive around town with a cool car and great decorations?  One idea that never goes out of style is decorating the car they will be arriving to the reception in or leaving the reception in!  It is a great little surprise for the couple to see this when they step outside.  Even though they may fee a little silly with it all, they will love the attention and congratulations they will receive from random passer-byers!
There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for this surprise and in the actual process of decorating:

Get approval from the rental company if the car is rented!  This is very important because they may have decorations that the company provides or have they may have rules and regulations about what can and cannot be used on the car.

It is usually the duty of the Best Man and/or members of the Bridal Party to put this all together.  The decorating usually takes place quickly and secretly before the couple leaves the location of the ceremony or before they leave the reception.
Keep in mind the kind of couple they are and what kind of car they are driving in when buying and looking for decorations!  Are they very classic and traditional couple, and the car is something a little older and high end?  If so, use more flowers, bows and ribbons and have a nice sign on the back that says Just Married with a pretty font.  Keep it pretty simple so it doesn't take away from the classic beauty of the car and the couple.  It will also stay in sync with the rest of their wedding and the feel.
What if your couple is really outgoing, silly, fun, and maybe a little quirky?  Are they driving in a fun old VW Beetle or a cool convertible?  Go with something a little different, maybe some window paint, streamers, and balloons!  This is a fun way to keep them laughing through the day, and even in years to come when they look back at pictures and they see how fun the car ride was!

Although this decorating can be loads of fun, remember some of the safety concerns as well.  Cans are always a classic idea to have clanging behind the car, but these cans can also cause sparks and no one wants that kind of a problem on their wedding day.  It is also against the law in some places because of the fire hazards.  Also, don't put any kind of sugar products on the car such as whip cream, the sugar will ruin the paint job.  One last tip - don't obstruct the drivers view!  Window paint can be a lot of fun, but keep in mind that the driver still needs to see where they are going, so don't get too carried away and color in the whole back window.

Now go have tons of fun surprising the newlyweds, and have fun decorating, this is something they will remember for the rest of their lives!

And don't forget...  Take lots of pictures!

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