Vendor Spotlight, Ra-Mu and the Crew

DME: We have seen some clips of you guys on the Internet, and you seem to have so much fun, and really keep the energy alive during a wedding!  Can you give us a little history of your business?  When/how did it get started?

Ra-Mu and the Crew:  We went full time in 2000 with Ra-Mu and the Crew in an effort to avoid corporate America.  I started DJ weddings for other companies back in 1995 as a sophomore at Boston College.  It's been a long journey.

DME:  When working with a bride and groom on their wedding what is the experience usually like?  Who usually takes charge, and is there a lot of compromise on what will come out of this service?

Ra-Mu and the Crew:  99% of the time, the bride takes charge and is part of most of the communication exchange.  Not a lot of compromise.  We like to think that all of our weddings go extremely well!

DME:  What is the most unique, amazing, or favorite event you've ever worked on?

Ra-Mu and the Crew:  All of the weddings are unique and amazing.  No favorites here. Every wedding brings a different group of people coming together.  It's our job to make it happen.

DME:  Are there any new trends coming up for Fall/Winter 2011 in the wedding entertainment industry that you have noticed?

Ra-Mu and the Crew:  Video is big.  Photobooths remain hot.  And entertainment, in a tasteful manner, is coming back in a big way.  No bride wants some stiff DJ standing in the corner and twiddling his thumbs.

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