Wear-again Bridesmaids Dresses.


The excitement that is felt when a close friend or a family member asks you to be a part of their wedding as a bridesmaid is indescribable! Some bridesmaids have it easy with a laid back, easy- going bride that wants her bridesmaids to pick their own dress (as long as it's in the right color) so they will be happy and comfortable in the dress they wear and hopefully be able to wear it again. On the other hand some bridesmaids get a dark feeling of dread when thinking about the "unique" choice of bridesmaid dress that will be chosen for them to sport down the isle. 
Todays modern bride wants her bridal party to feel comfortable, pretty and stylish in the dress they wear for their wedding day. Hopefully the days of the ungenerous bride, who purposely dresses her bridesmaids in ugly dresses to keep all the attention on herself are long gone. Nobody wants to end up with a closet full of tacky bridesmaid dress that they will never wear again like in the movie 27 Dresses, so here are a few key points of advice when picking the perfect wear-again bridesmaid dress.


The first key to picking a bridesmaid dress that can be worn again is making sure the dress is not a full-length dress. Full-length dresses are usually more formal and harder to wear again unless you are attending some sort of gala event. Choosing a cocktail length dress for your bridal party gives them the opportunity  to be able to wear the dress multiple times to all different kinds of events. Cocktail length dresses are more flattering on a wide range of people compared to full- length dresses, especially if you have people in your bridal party that are on the shorter side. 


The second key for the perfect wear-again bridesmaid dress is to make sure that it is simple. No embellishing or crazy patterns, and as for the color, lets just hope your brides wedding colors aren’t to extreme. As a bride try to choose a dress design for your bridesmaids that is simple and classic with just a little detail, this way it will be timeless and never go out of style. A dress like this will give your bridesmaids options to wear the dress again to a holiday party or even as a guest to another wedding. 

You may be asking yourself, "Where can I begin to look for a dress like this?" well there area  few different places you can begin to take a look. Davids Bridal has a line on their website called "wear-again... styles that go the extra mile". The style of the dresses were are all picked keeping the idea in mind that they could be worn again, there are many different styles and each dress comes in a variety of different color options. Another place you can always find quality, classic, beautiful dresses is at j.crew, their website has a whole section devoted to weddings, with tons of different bridesmaid dresses to choose from ranging in different fabrics and colors to find the perfect one to match the colors of your wedding. 



There are many different places to find the perfect wear-again dresses for your bridal party, and if you  want to make sure your bridesmaids really truly love their dresses then simply just ask them their opinion! Of course your bridal party knows that it's your big day and want to do everything to make your dreams come true but there is nothing wrong with getting their input when choosing the bridesmaid dresses. I hope these tricks to finding the perfect wear-again bridesmaid dresses for your special day were helpful and gave you some ideas to get you jump started on your search. Just remember to stay away from.....



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