Not Your Average Wedding Shoes

Never really been a high heel kind of girl? Do you trip just thinking of the word stiletto? At your wedding you want to feel beautiful, but you also want to be able to walk! Check out some of these unique alternatives to wearing heels in your big day!

TOMS shoes have grown really popular over the passed few years. With their policy of "One for One", which provides a child in need a pair of new shoes for every pair purchased, the company is one that is based on a great cause. With TOMS Wedding Collection, you can walk down the aisle wearing their comfortable flats! Their collection includes shoes for the Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen, and come in a variety of colors and materials ranging from silver sparkles to black leather.

TOMS Wedding Collection

The Dessy Group has designed a collection of Wedding Ballerina Flats that any girl could glide throughout the room in. Created in a soft satin material, with a stretch elastic back, these shoes are definitely something you can wear again! The best part is, The Dessy Group offers them in 18 colors, including a variety of white shades to complement your dress! 
The Dessy Group
If your wedding is taking place during the Summer months you have the option of wearing a sandal. Light In The Box offers a great variety of wedding shoe styles, and includes plenty of flats and sandals for Brides to choose from. With all colors and shapes available, you will definitely find a comfortable shoe for your big day! 
Light In The Box

So if you are dreading the thought of putting on uncomfortable four inch heels for your walk down the aisle, consider all of our other options. Just because these shoes don't have a heel doesn't make them any less elegant or special!

Christmas Themed Wedding!

Christmas is a very joyous holiday in which family gathers and enjoy each others company.  December weddings can be so elegant, joyous, and really represent what the holiday’s are all about. 

If you would like to keep with the whole idea of Christmas, then keep in mind some of the major key points:  Pointsettia flowers, green and red, Santa, reindeer, and Christmas trees!  Now, we aren’t saying all of these have to be incorporated into your special day, but a couple touches here and there can really keep everyone in the spirit of the holidays, and most importantly your bid day! 

M&M’s are actually a great way to add some color to a table, especially when they are red and green!  These small pops of Christmas colors allows you to relate the holiday to your big day, without taking away the feeling of your wedding.  Your guests will also really appreciate this little bowl of treats as they sit around and catch up!

Trees can also be a great decoration and take up a good amount of space if the room where the reception is taking place is very large!  They are also a great piece of lighting, and create a home-like ambiance to all of the guests.  We suggest that you stick with the traditional white lights on it, rather than colored lights.  This looks a little more simple, and is much more neutral so it won’t compete with the

Rather than having real trees all around the room and worry about allergies, or watering the tree, buy fake ones that are pre-lit.  This takes away the time of stringing each tree with lights and making sure each bulb is working.  The only kind of prep you will need to do is putting them together, and then fluffing out the branches so it looks nice and full!

A tree can also be a fun way to display where the guests are seated.  You can attach the table numbers to a candy cane and have them hung on the tree as if they were ornaments.  The guests will have fun looking for their name and when they find their card, they get a quick candy cane as a treat!

photo courtesy of Sarah Moore

Another fun way to incorporate the Christmas theme is to have a special drink at the bar.  Find out if there are any Christmas brews and have those served, or make a drink that you and your fiance like, and name is something fun for the reception!  You’re guests will be sure to try this delicious drink, and may even want to know what the recipe is later on.

The famous holiday plant is the Pointsettia!  Instead of having these as centerpieces, have them as cocktail arrangements, or placed around where the guests will be arriving, or even by the welcome table.  These plants won’t take away from what your centerpieces are if they aren’t placed right next to them.  Instead, they will be a fun reminder of the time of year the wedding is taking place, and also add some bright color to any space you are in!

Have a blast planning your Christmas and holiday themed wedding – we would love to know what you are thinking for your big day!


Meet the Staff of Dana Markos Events: Anna

Meet the Staff

1.  How long have you been working at Dana Markos Events?

I have been with DME since September 2011, so about 3 months now.  

2.  What is your favorite flower?

I would have to say... a calla lilly.  I love how simple and elegant they are!

3.  What is your personal floral style?

My personal floral style is simple, sleek, and modern.  I don't like a lot of frills and extras.

4.  What is your favorite event that you have worked on with DME or what is your favorite location?

I don't really have a favorite event, they are all so different and fun to work on!  But I have two favorite locations - The Crane Estate and The Fairmont Copley, they are both stunning!

5.  Outside of DME what are some of your hobbies?

Besides interning at DME and going to school at Endicott College, my main hobby is riding with the Endicott College Equestrian Team.  

Wedding Venues You've Seen in the Movies

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered where they found such a beautiful venue to film the wedding scene? Or maybe you've started watching and felt like the space looked vaguely familiar? We took a look into some awesome movie Weddings and found a few that were actually filmed in Massachusetts locations! Take a look and we bet next time you see the film you'll catch it!

Having our studio in Ipswich, and working here many times, we noticed this venue right away! Ghosts of Girlfriends Past starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner hosted another character's wedding taking place at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA! Production for the movie painted and brought in plenty of props, but we still recognized the venue!

Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past

Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past

Bride Wars, starring Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner, featured not one but two Massachusetts locations! In one of the opening scenes of the movie, both stars are attending a friends wedding. Even though the setting for the movie claims to be taking place in New York City, they can't fool us! The wedding takes place at The Peabody Essex Museum!

Bride Wars
The second Massachusetts location Wedding venue you will see in this movie is where Kate and Anne both have weddings of their own! The movie focus's on the girl's quest for the perfect wedding at The Plaza, but we recognize those mirrored doors all too well! The venue they were actually filming at was The Fairmont Copley in Boston!

Bride Wars

We haven't had the pleasure of working at the beautiful church that the wedding ceremony during The Invention of Lying took place in, but when it was being filmed in Sudbury, MA, it had lots of people excited! The scene was filmed at the Martha Steward Chapel and looked perfect for the movie!

The Invention of Lying

Have you seen any other Massachusetts Wedding Venues featured in movies? Start keeping an eye out and let us know what you find!!

Something Other Than a Veil

Sometimes a veil isn't for every bride, and that is okay!  There are tons of other options to add a little something to your hair-do.

Here are a few ideas for a little inspiration and to get the ball rolling and for you to start thinking about what could work for you!

1.  Sex and the City - Carrie Bradshaw.  While having a bird in her hair may be a little much for other people to pull off, at least think of this... A pop of color could be really fun to add to a white wedding dress, especially if fun colors fit your personality!
2.  A Tiara!!  Whether big or small could be perfect for the ultimate princess bride!  If you have a full ball-gown wedding dress it could be a great detail to add on!  If the dress is more simple, then go with a smaller and simpler tiara that doesn't overtake the rest of your outfit.    When else would you be able to get away with wearing a tiara all day long and it totally match your outfit!?

Although it is tradition, Kate Middleton even wore a tiara on her wedding day.  Her tiara was very elegant and had some very intricate and beautiful details in it.  This was the perfect tiara for her outfit, and suited her personality beautifully!
3.  Headbands - and no we don't mean the kind you wore in elementary school that hurt your head after an hour.  These headbands are elegant and add some glitz and glamour to your hair!  Some can be ribbons with gorgeous detailing tied with a simple bow, others can be a plain headband with a flower-type detail on the side to add a little umph to a simple up-do, or a plain let down hair style.

4.  Flowers, as we know, are a very large part of the wedding day: the centerpieces, bouquets, welcome pieces, etc., so why not add one or two to your hair style?  The flower accessories don't even have to be real, a fake flower would look just as fabulous!  Without a veil, you have a lot of options as to the placement of the flowers.  If your hair is up, then you could place a few right into the style (for example into the bun, or on the side).  If your hair is down, maybe pin a section of it back a little to get the hair out of your face, and hide the pin with a small flower accessory!

Have fun picking out your wedding hairstyle accessory!  We would love to hear about what you are thinking about, or what you have used!

Meet the Staff of Dana Markos Events: Dana

Meet The Staff

1. How long have you been working at Dana Markos Events?
20 Years!

2. What is your favorite flower?
My favorite flower would be a peony.

3. What is your personal floral style?
My personal floral style is constantly changing and evolving. There isn't one style that I prefer to work on which makes our work so multi dimensional and different! If I had to choose I'd probably say clean lines and contemporary...but only for now!

4. What is your favorite event or favorite location for an event?
I have two favorites. My favorite Boston location is The Fairmont Copley. My favorite North Shore location Castle Hill on the Crane Estate in Ipswich.

5. What are some of your hobbies?
Outside of floral design, my hobbies are running and spending time with my family, and our two new puppies!

Alternatives to the Classic Tuxedo

A classic black and white tuxedo isn't for all grooms and groomsmen.  Sometimes, switching it up can be a good thing and end up working out better in the end!

If you are having a late spring or summer wedding, one option could be to lighten it up!  Try a full khaki suit with a light blue or white shirt.  Add some color to it by mixing and matching ties or bow ties and you still have a sharp looking bunch of guys.

What if you are getting married outside on the beach or in a nature setting?  Ditch the blazer all together!  You don't want the groomsmen to be sweating out there on the beach, or feel too over dressed for the location.  Instead, stick with the classic white collared shirt with or without a tie, or even opt for a fun color shirt.  If you still want it to be a little more formal, but not have the blazer, try a vest!  It still maintains a formal look, yet relaxes the outfit in a tasteful manner.

Getting married in a more casual location in the summer or fall?  Try khaki's and a navy blazer paired with a solid tie.  This style is a great transitional piece from summer to fall and looks great on guys and keeps the event feeling a little less formal, but still has that put-together feel.

Having different options for what the grooms can wear can add so much to a wedding!  It can be fun for them to get together and try different looks out, and even try to match the bridesmaids with their ties or belts.  They will also probably be appreciative they don't have to wear a full tux, and instead feel comfortable all day long and into the night.

Let us know what your groomsmen plan on wearing, we would love to hear!

Another Way to Capture Great Moments!

Everyone loves to look back at pictures from weddings and see all of the amazing moments that happened throughout the day.  A new fun way to capture silly and fun moments is having a Photo booth Station at your wedding!
Photo booths provide endless amounts of entertainment for guests throughout the night.  Who doesn't love to cram into a small little booth to take silly and fun pictures with family and friends!?

A lot of companies even provide assistance throughout the event to make sure nothing goes wrong with the booth.  Some even come with fun props to use in the pictures such as masks, wands, hats, boas, etc!  Another great perk of these photo booths is that they print out pictures instantly, which provides guests with a fast and easy wedding favor.

Also, ask if the company can provide the bride and groom with a CD of all of the pictures that were taken that day.  These funny candid pictures are a great way to see your guests having fun and enjoying themselves!  It could also provide a great touch to your wedding album.
Photo booths can be a perfect fit for so many styles and themes of weddings.  The different props can add a fun and free spirited feeling, or no props to keep with the simplistic details of the day, or even change the colors to black and white for a more vintage or formal look!

Here are a couple tips to consider:

When booking a photo booth be aware that there are two different styles of booths.  The first is the classic booth which there is just the one stool and everyone crams into it.  The other style is the pipe and drape.  The pipe and drape offer a larger space to accommodate more people into the shot.

Another, is find out if the set-up and breakdown of the booth is included into the cost, and also into the allotted time of the event.  A suggestion would be that the booth be set-up about an hour in advance to make sure a couple test shots can be done to make sure everything is running smoothly!

Lastly, find out of there is a photo booth technician that will be there for the duration of the event.  Having a technician there allows for some extra security to make sure nothing goes wrong with the equipment, they can keep an eye on the props, and be there to help guests or answer any questions.

Have fun with a photo booth on your wedding day!!  We would love to hear about how you worked one into your big day!

The Best of YouTube Wedding Clips

With Social Media being such a present force of our generation, we have started to see some really amazing video footage from people's Big Days across the country! Check out our top five favorite clips representing YouTube's finest Wedding moments!

5. My Clumsy Best Man Ruins Our Wedding
This video was somewhat controversial after it appeared on America's Funniest Home Videos when many speculated that it was fake. Either way, we thought it was interesting enough to appear on our Top Five Favorite Clips, and gave it a DME rating of Two and a Half Stars!

4. Marriage Proposal Rejected at Basketball Game
We've all seen clips of an unsuspecting woman get proposed to at a major sporting event, but this video was the first time we had ever seen the poor guy get rejected! Our hearts go out to this Rockets fan, and although the entire situation isn't very funny, the reaction from the team's mascot is worth watching! DME rating of Three Stars

3. The T-Mobile Royal Wedding
This T-Mobile sponsored video hit YouTube in April during the Royal Wedding madness, and we couldn't be happier. With a slew of look alike cast members, eccentric guests, and best of all the hats, this video took third place in our countdown! DME rating of 4 Stars.

2. Greatest Father Daughter Dance Medley Ever
This awesome video was submitted to YouTube by the Bride herself, and as the title suggests, it really is the greatest father daughter dance medley we have ever seen! We absolutely love the Dad's commitment to each move, and the crowd is going wild for it! DME rating of Four and A Half Stars!

1. JK Wedding Entrance Dance
This video takes first place on our Top Five Favorite Video List because of the excellent attention to detail that the Bridal Party gave to their entrance. The commitment from dance moves to props, and over 70 million views on YouTube, we were so impressed that we had to give it a DME rating of Five Stars! 

Do you have any Wedding footage that beats out our Top Five? Think about submitting them to YouTube or even on our blog! With the speed of Social Media, you could be famous by the time you wake up the next morning!

What Does Your Wedding Bouquet Represent?

Most floral design reflects a client's personality or style. The first image that comes to mind is a person who likes to be over the top might have a more glamourous and glitzy design of roses and diamonds, while a more simple and sweet person would enjoy more wild flowers and greens. What many don't realize is that each flower is known as representing a specific trait in itself.

We took this opportunity to analyze a few celebrity bridal bouquets and see what their flowers say about them! Take a look below to see if the characteristics of their bouquet seems to match up with the persona that we have come to know from the media!

This celebrity Bride not only carried a bouquet of all white roses, she also had her entire bridal party carry them too! With the traits of a White Rose being "Purity" and "Silence", we're not so sure that these suit the wild reality star and her four sisters! This bouquet belongs to Kim Kardashian!

This celebrity Bride is less reality, more royalty. Her bouquet was made up of almost entirely Lily of the Valley, and a few touches of Stephanotis. With these flowers representing the return of happiness and marital happiness, we think this bouquet matches it's always smiling owner. If you can't tell by the iconic ring in the photo, this bouquet belongs to Kate Middleton!

This bride known for her edgy style, kept her personality in theme with her black calla lilly and black magic rose bouquet. With black calla lillies representing negativity and goodbyes, it might have been a telling sign! This marriage lasted less then 3 years, and belongs to Ashlee Simpson!

We're sure this bride wasn't aware of what the Blush Dahlias represented in her Bridal Bouquet! Carrying the traits of instability and misrepresentation, we hope that what these flowers say aren't a sign of things to come for this young Bride, especially now that she's pregnant! This Bride is Hilary Duff.

So what does your Bridal bouquet say about your personality? Has it been reflective of your marriage, or do you think the representation was all wrong? Check out The Meaning of Flowers by Gretchen Scoble and Ann Field to learn more about your bouquet's flowers!