Alternatives to the Classic Tuxedo

A classic black and white tuxedo isn't for all grooms and groomsmen.  Sometimes, switching it up can be a good thing and end up working out better in the end!

If you are having a late spring or summer wedding, one option could be to lighten it up!  Try a full khaki suit with a light blue or white shirt.  Add some color to it by mixing and matching ties or bow ties and you still have a sharp looking bunch of guys.

What if you are getting married outside on the beach or in a nature setting?  Ditch the blazer all together!  You don't want the groomsmen to be sweating out there on the beach, or feel too over dressed for the location.  Instead, stick with the classic white collared shirt with or without a tie, or even opt for a fun color shirt.  If you still want it to be a little more formal, but not have the blazer, try a vest!  It still maintains a formal look, yet relaxes the outfit in a tasteful manner.

Getting married in a more casual location in the summer or fall?  Try khaki's and a navy blazer paired with a solid tie.  This style is a great transitional piece from summer to fall and looks great on guys and keeps the event feeling a little less formal, but still has that put-together feel.

Having different options for what the grooms can wear can add so much to a wedding!  It can be fun for them to get together and try different looks out, and even try to match the bridesmaids with their ties or belts.  They will also probably be appreciative they don't have to wear a full tux, and instead feel comfortable all day long and into the night.

Let us know what your groomsmen plan on wearing, we would love to hear!

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