The Best of YouTube Wedding Clips

With Social Media being such a present force of our generation, we have started to see some really amazing video footage from people's Big Days across the country! Check out our top five favorite clips representing YouTube's finest Wedding moments!

5. My Clumsy Best Man Ruins Our Wedding
This video was somewhat controversial after it appeared on America's Funniest Home Videos when many speculated that it was fake. Either way, we thought it was interesting enough to appear on our Top Five Favorite Clips, and gave it a DME rating of Two and a Half Stars!

4. Marriage Proposal Rejected at Basketball Game
We've all seen clips of an unsuspecting woman get proposed to at a major sporting event, but this video was the first time we had ever seen the poor guy get rejected! Our hearts go out to this Rockets fan, and although the entire situation isn't very funny, the reaction from the team's mascot is worth watching! DME rating of Three Stars

3. The T-Mobile Royal Wedding
This T-Mobile sponsored video hit YouTube in April during the Royal Wedding madness, and we couldn't be happier. With a slew of look alike cast members, eccentric guests, and best of all the hats, this video took third place in our countdown! DME rating of 4 Stars.

2. Greatest Father Daughter Dance Medley Ever
This awesome video was submitted to YouTube by the Bride herself, and as the title suggests, it really is the greatest father daughter dance medley we have ever seen! We absolutely love the Dad's commitment to each move, and the crowd is going wild for it! DME rating of Four and A Half Stars!

1. JK Wedding Entrance Dance
This video takes first place on our Top Five Favorite Video List because of the excellent attention to detail that the Bridal Party gave to their entrance. The commitment from dance moves to props, and over 70 million views on YouTube, we were so impressed that we had to give it a DME rating of Five Stars! 

Do you have any Wedding footage that beats out our Top Five? Think about submitting them to YouTube or even on our blog! With the speed of Social Media, you could be famous by the time you wake up the next morning!

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