Christmas Themed Wedding!

Christmas is a very joyous holiday in which family gathers and enjoy each others company.  December weddings can be so elegant, joyous, and really represent what the holiday’s are all about. 

If you would like to keep with the whole idea of Christmas, then keep in mind some of the major key points:  Pointsettia flowers, green and red, Santa, reindeer, and Christmas trees!  Now, we aren’t saying all of these have to be incorporated into your special day, but a couple touches here and there can really keep everyone in the spirit of the holidays, and most importantly your bid day! 

M&M’s are actually a great way to add some color to a table, especially when they are red and green!  These small pops of Christmas colors allows you to relate the holiday to your big day, without taking away the feeling of your wedding.  Your guests will also really appreciate this little bowl of treats as they sit around and catch up!

Trees can also be a great decoration and take up a good amount of space if the room where the reception is taking place is very large!  They are also a great piece of lighting, and create a home-like ambiance to all of the guests.  We suggest that you stick with the traditional white lights on it, rather than colored lights.  This looks a little more simple, and is much more neutral so it won’t compete with the

Rather than having real trees all around the room and worry about allergies, or watering the tree, buy fake ones that are pre-lit.  This takes away the time of stringing each tree with lights and making sure each bulb is working.  The only kind of prep you will need to do is putting them together, and then fluffing out the branches so it looks nice and full!

A tree can also be a fun way to display where the guests are seated.  You can attach the table numbers to a candy cane and have them hung on the tree as if they were ornaments.  The guests will have fun looking for their name and when they find their card, they get a quick candy cane as a treat!

photo courtesy of Sarah Moore

Another fun way to incorporate the Christmas theme is to have a special drink at the bar.  Find out if there are any Christmas brews and have those served, or make a drink that you and your fiance like, and name is something fun for the reception!  You’re guests will be sure to try this delicious drink, and may even want to know what the recipe is later on.

The famous holiday plant is the Pointsettia!  Instead of having these as centerpieces, have them as cocktail arrangements, or placed around where the guests will be arriving, or even by the welcome table.  These plants won’t take away from what your centerpieces are if they aren’t placed right next to them.  Instead, they will be a fun reminder of the time of year the wedding is taking place, and also add some bright color to any space you are in!

Have a blast planning your Christmas and holiday themed wedding – we would love to know what you are thinking for your big day!


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