Meet the Staff of Dana Markos Events: Anna

Meet the Staff

1.  How long have you been working at Dana Markos Events?

I have been with DME since September 2011, so about 3 months now.  

2.  What is your favorite flower?

I would have to say... a calla lilly.  I love how simple and elegant they are!

3.  What is your personal floral style?

My personal floral style is simple, sleek, and modern.  I don't like a lot of frills and extras.

4.  What is your favorite event that you have worked on with DME or what is your favorite location?

I don't really have a favorite event, they are all so different and fun to work on!  But I have two favorite locations - The Crane Estate and The Fairmont Copley, they are both stunning!

5.  Outside of DME what are some of your hobbies?

Besides interning at DME and going to school at Endicott College, my main hobby is riding with the Endicott College Equestrian Team.  

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