Something Other Than a Veil

Sometimes a veil isn't for every bride, and that is okay!  There are tons of other options to add a little something to your hair-do.

Here are a few ideas for a little inspiration and to get the ball rolling and for you to start thinking about what could work for you!

1.  Sex and the City - Carrie Bradshaw.  While having a bird in her hair may be a little much for other people to pull off, at least think of this... A pop of color could be really fun to add to a white wedding dress, especially if fun colors fit your personality!
2.  A Tiara!!  Whether big or small could be perfect for the ultimate princess bride!  If you have a full ball-gown wedding dress it could be a great detail to add on!  If the dress is more simple, then go with a smaller and simpler tiara that doesn't overtake the rest of your outfit.    When else would you be able to get away with wearing a tiara all day long and it totally match your outfit!?

Although it is tradition, Kate Middleton even wore a tiara on her wedding day.  Her tiara was very elegant and had some very intricate and beautiful details in it.  This was the perfect tiara for her outfit, and suited her personality beautifully!
3.  Headbands - and no we don't mean the kind you wore in elementary school that hurt your head after an hour.  These headbands are elegant and add some glitz and glamour to your hair!  Some can be ribbons with gorgeous detailing tied with a simple bow, others can be a plain headband with a flower-type detail on the side to add a little umph to a simple up-do, or a plain let down hair style.

4.  Flowers, as we know, are a very large part of the wedding day: the centerpieces, bouquets, welcome pieces, etc., so why not add one or two to your hair style?  The flower accessories don't even have to be real, a fake flower would look just as fabulous!  Without a veil, you have a lot of options as to the placement of the flowers.  If your hair is up, then you could place a few right into the style (for example into the bun, or on the side).  If your hair is down, maybe pin a section of it back a little to get the hair out of your face, and hide the pin with a small flower accessory!

Have fun picking out your wedding hairstyle accessory!  We would love to hear about what you are thinking about, or what you have used!

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