What Does Your Wedding Bouquet Represent?

Most floral design reflects a client's personality or style. The first image that comes to mind is a person who likes to be over the top might have a more glamourous and glitzy design of roses and diamonds, while a more simple and sweet person would enjoy more wild flowers and greens. What many don't realize is that each flower is known as representing a specific trait in itself.

We took this opportunity to analyze a few celebrity bridal bouquets and see what their flowers say about them! Take a look below to see if the characteristics of their bouquet seems to match up with the persona that we have come to know from the media!

This celebrity Bride not only carried a bouquet of all white roses, she also had her entire bridal party carry them too! With the traits of a White Rose being "Purity" and "Silence", we're not so sure that these suit the wild reality star and her four sisters! This bouquet belongs to Kim Kardashian!

This celebrity Bride is less reality, more royalty. Her bouquet was made up of almost entirely Lily of the Valley, and a few touches of Stephanotis. With these flowers representing the return of happiness and marital happiness, we think this bouquet matches it's always smiling owner. If you can't tell by the iconic ring in the photo, this bouquet belongs to Kate Middleton!

This bride known for her edgy style, kept her personality in theme with her black calla lilly and black magic rose bouquet. With black calla lillies representing negativity and goodbyes, it might have been a telling sign! This marriage lasted less then 3 years, and belongs to Ashlee Simpson!

We're sure this bride wasn't aware of what the Blush Dahlias represented in her Bridal Bouquet! Carrying the traits of instability and misrepresentation, we hope that what these flowers say aren't a sign of things to come for this young Bride, especially now that she's pregnant! This Bride is Hilary Duff.

So what does your Bridal bouquet say about your personality? Has it been reflective of your marriage, or do you think the representation was all wrong? Check out The Meaning of Flowers by Gretchen Scoble and Ann Field to learn more about your bouquet's flowers!

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