Holiday Wreaths!

 There are so many different types of wreaths nowadays besides just the traditional ones made out of evergreen branches! A few different holiday wreaths that we've seen this year have been made using holiday ornaments, burlap, presents, peppermints, and many more!

There are always wreaths being sold in stores, but making a wreath yourself this year could be a fun activity you could do with your friends or family! Check out this blog , it shows an easy way to create a wreath out of ornaments. The first thing you do is get a styrofoam ring and ornaments of all different sizes. You want to take off all the hanger wires off the ornaments when you glue them onto the styrofoam ring. Start with the larger ornaments first, then just keep adding the ornaments around as evenly as possible to fill in the open spaces.

Another way to create your own wreath could be using burlap! Using burlap may sound a little strange, but as you can see it can create a beautiful wreath with a rustic charm! Something so simple, to decorate it would be using pine cones, a few accent ornament pieces, and you can always attach holiday sayings such as "Joy, Noel, Merry".

 For those that love the traditional wreaths, you can add some different things to make yours especially unique! Many places selling Christmas trees often sell the evergreen wreaths but with no decorations at all. This is where you can really be creative with your wreath and add whatever you think will look great! A cute thing you can do is paint styrofoam balls in festive colors to add to the wreath. In addition, adding a bright ribbon onto the wreath to really draw your attention!

Another great idea for all of you wine drinkers out there is using corks to create a festive wreath. This is a wreath that can be hung year round and is also a great way to use up those extra corks you have around the house! All you have to do glue the corks to a styrofoam ring and add a festive bow for the holidays. If you are feeling really creative this year you can always add some red berries and some clippings from your tree as well!

Whatever you choose to do, just remember to have fun decorating!

Fun Winter Drinks!

Tis the season to have a drink! When the cold weather hits we tend to turn to drinks to warm us up. This time of year we tend to have drinks that are filled with flavors of the season like pumpkin, cinnamon and many more!

One of our favorite winter drinks here at  Dana Markos Events is a simple hot apple cider. You can kick this simple drink up a notch by adding a cinnamon stick and a dash of cinnamon sugar! Another thing you can do to make this drink extra special is add some spiced rum or whisky (for those of you who are of age to do so!). This is a great drink to serve as your guests arrive to your annual holiday party!

Another classic winter drink is a hot chocolate. Many people add some marshmallows or whipped cream which is always delicious! We suggest you get creative with this classic drink by adding a candy cane garnish for the kids to give it that minty aftertaste or by adding some peppermint schnapps for the adults!

At most dinner parties guests will want a cup of coffee with dessert. To change things up from your average cup of coffee we suggest you offer your guests some flavored liquors that will add a touch of the holidays to their drink. You could offer a variety of liquors like pumpkin, vanilla, baileys and even some kahlua to give your guests coffee that extra kick!

Get creative with the drinks you serve to your guests and remember every little detail is important in throwing a fabulous holiday dinner party! 

New Tablescapes at the Studio!

As promised, the paper finally came down off the windows of the new studio in Ipswich! It may have taken us a few months to get the window displays up to our standards but we think it was definitely worth the wait! 

For the fall Dana and the team created a breathtaking tablescape using gourds, birch and a variety of fruits and vegetables. The fall color scheme is completed with the deep burgundy tablecloth, chocolate brown satin napkins, ivory gold rimmed china, silver and gold flatware and gold rimmed glasses. The combination of colors are absolutely stunning! We hope that this tablescape inspires you to create something special for your next dinner party this fall season! 

Another added touch to this fall inspired tablescape are the two stone candle holders which hold two large pillar candles surrounded by clementines. Above these candles are two handmade branch chandeliers with votive candles intertwined, which really adds to the warm ambience! 

The other tablescape the team created was inspired by a whimsical winter wedding! We created this tablescape by using a cream colored tablecloth accented with gold chargers. When creating a tablescape like this don't be afraid to add a pop of color like we did with the red champagne glasses.

Keeping with the whimsical theme the centerpiece we created for this tablescape is a crystal bowl filled with white hydrangea, frosted pine cones, white feathers and decorative red berries. We added crystal candlestick holders and small votive candles around the centerpiece really creating a romantic feel. The last thing we did to tie the whole thing together was hang beautiful white plum feathers from the ceiling. 

We hope that these displays will inspire you to create a beautiful tablescape for your home this holiday season! Be sure to come drive by and see the tablescapes yourself! Night time is the best time for viewing. 

Thanksgiving Tablescaping

We wanted to share some creative, fun yet easy ideas to create a beautiful tablescape for your Thanksgiving table. There are many things around your house and backyard that you can use to decorate your Thanksgiving table!

Find some leaves that have fallen off the trees that still have a pretty red or orange color to them and maybe some pine cones, acorns, berries and even some nice looking branches. Once you have collected a little pile, put them into a vase or lantern of your choice and that will create a beautiful centerpiece that your family will be sure to love!

You can also go and buy some gourds or small pumpkins to decorate your table with! If you are feeling really creative you can cut a hole in the gourd or pumpkin and create a perfect place for a votive candle!

Whatever you decide to create for you Thanksgiving table be sure to be creative and have fun with it! There are so many things you can do that are simple and fun for the whole family to join in.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
From Team DME

AIR's 2nd Annual Tablescapes!

On November 2nd, team DME went all the way to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to participate in Arts in Reach's 2nd annual Tablescapes charity event! It was an honor to be asked to participate in this event, AIR is a special program that provides after school programs for young girls and teaches them how to express themselves through the arts. They focus on those who have faced body image issues and help empower them through various types of art. 

It was a pleasure being a part of this event, we got to see so many other creative tablescapes and meet with other great designers!  We were also honored by winning the award Best in show! The tablescape design Dana created was titled "The Hunt". 

"Inspired by the traditional English Fox Hunt this tablescape represents everything that we love about the holiday season. With the mix of rich tartans, rustic birch and elegant centerpieces this tablescape is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Adding to the feel of The Hunt, pheasant feathers and weathered brass were incorporated throughout. These elements combined created a warm ambiance reminiscent of the after hunt brunch. Talley Ho!" -Dana 

It was based on the English hunters who would come back from their hunt in time for Christmas brunch. The color contrast with the red and blues is gorgeous! Everyone loved the fine china and crystal on the table, the combination of all the bold colors really inspired everyone who looked at it. It was both welcoming and dramatic, without being too clustered with items. The Chronicle saw the tablescape and immediately came over to talk to Dana about "The Hunt" and how impressed they were.

We would like to thank everyone who was apart of this event with us and also Bloomingdales Registry on Chestnut Hill for allowing us to borrow the glassware and flatware! 

To find out more about AIR please visit there website:

Halloween Bash!

Halloween will be here in just 8 short days! Are you ready for the festivities? Some fun things to do during this spooky holiday would be hosting your own Halloween party! Have your favorite classic Halloween movies playing nonstop. Set up signs all around your house that say creepy sayings that will be sure to get your guests squirming! Hang fake cob webs and spiders by door frames and have them dangling for a more realistic look.

Another great activity you could do with your guests is pumpkin carving! It is always a favorite thing to do this time of the year, but a few ways you can change it up would be different designs. There are so many ways to decorate and carve pumpkins now! You could be inspired to do a character from a movie, a cartoon, or even a logo of your favorite company! Things could be coming out of it to be more lifelike!


You can't have a Halloween party without some sweet treats! Have different Halloween treats like cookies, caramel apples, and cake pops. Another thing you could do with your guests is have a candy bar! Pick different candies that look similar to some body part, white chocolate covered pretzels could be bones, gummy worms labeled as earthworms, and black licorice as spider legs. You can use different sized apothecary jars to complete the look. Use your creativity and use all different types of sweets your guests will be sure to enjoy!

Halloween Cake Pops

Spells and Potions Halloween: Creepy Jars & Candy Labels {Free Printables}

Don't forget to tell your guests to dress up and have them go all out! You could even have a best costume prize to give them a bigger incentive to dress for the occasion!

Happy Halloween from the staff here at DME! 

Creative Ways To Thank Your Guests!

After months of planning and picking out everything you want incorporated in your wedding, your day finally came! You had the time of your life celebrating your marriage with friends and family. Memories that will last forever, so thanking your friends and family is just a small way to show your appreciation.

There are so many different ways you can thank your guests! You can go with personalizing thank you cards by having it be a photograph of you and your spouse and writing a note on the inside thanking them for coming to the wedding, their wedding gift, how great their dance moves were on the dance floor, and so much more! It could be anything that means something special to you and that guest.

The photograph on the card could be you and your spouse holding up thank you sign, a humorous picture of you two, and even something as simple as the card saying thank you.

Thank You Postcards Elegant Etching - Front : Black

Be creative with your Thank You's, don't forget to make them personal and have fun with them! 

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Thanksgiving is near!

Thanksgiving is the time to gather around with family and friends to celebrate life. It is a wonderful time right before the Christmas craze. Are you expecting to have everyone over your house this year? Never fear! There are so many great decorating ideas you can do for your home. Thanksgiving is a great holiday where you don't have to worry about getting gifts for everyone, but what is important to make everyone feel at home. Start by creating a welcoming entry way for your guests to enjoy as they enter you home!

A few ways to warm up the room is by creating a tablescape that is both inviting and festive! Different candles of all different sizes and lengths is a great way to create the ambiance of the room. Have a few Fall scented candles lit too, this will be sure to ease everyone's senses and be ready to dig into the amazing Thanksgiving feast you have prepared! Decorate the room using the red, orange, and gold tones.  A simple burgundy or gold tablecloth can really make a table stand out. Also you could have decorative pillows in the Fall colors, seat cushions, and a lovely wreath hanging on the front door. 

Fall Wreath

To make things a little easier on yourself, you can always asks each of your guests to bring a dessert so you don't have to worry about every course. Have a separate table just for the desserts, this will sure to please your guests to see their sweets on display. It would definitely be a favorite for the kids too to see all the possible mouth watering desserts they could have at the end of the meal.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Remember to enjoy every moment and have fun with it! Stay tuned for more holiday blogs from DME!