Movie Themed Engagement Shoot, PART 3!

Being that this is the THIRD time we are blogging about this topic, you may be realizing how much we love Movie Themed Engagement Shoots!  From the clever ideas, awesome props, and amazing camera effects, we can't get enough! Check out the latest ones that we came across and let us know what you think!

Water For Elephants: This engagement shoot below was inspired by the novel and movie Water For Elephants, starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattenson. The beautiful love story translates perfectly in this series of photographs, with perfect touches from the wooden elephant, to vintage look clothing.
Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes
Sleeping Beauty: While most Disney movie themed enagagement shoots would probably make your eyes roll, this one is done elegantly, and appears modern and natural! It seems to tell a full circle story, from sleeping, to the perfect kiss, to happily ever after!

Star Wars: When we came across this one, we must be honest, it was a bit alarming. The theme is so prominent that it does not really embrace the natural beauty and love of an engagement shoot. Looks like this couple really found happiness and a strong connection if they both agreed to this styling!

Michael James

Michael James

Michael James

Michael James

So what do you think? Are these creative Engagement Shoots giving you any new ideas for your very own?! Think about your favorite movie, a story line that has similar traits to your relationship, or just decide to have fun with it!

Wedding Wire Brides Choice Award 2012

Weddings, Wedding Venues
2012 Bride's Choice Awards | Best Wedding Photographers, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florists, Wedding Planners

Boston MA – January 25, 2012 – WeddingWire, the nation's leading wedding Marketplace, is excited to announce Dana Markos Events has been selected to receive the prestigious WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2012 for Floral and Event Design.

The esteemed annual awards program recognizes the top local wedding vendors from the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism within the wedding industry. While many industry awards are selected by the organization, Dana Markos Events was selected based on its stellar reviews from past newlywed clients.

Dana Markos Events is recognized as part of the top five percent of wedding professionals in the WeddingWire local vendor community, comprised of over 200,000 wedding professionals throughout the United States and Canada. The Bride’s Choice Award recognizes the best local wedding vendors across 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers, based on their overall professional achievements throughout the past year.

“WeddingWire is thrilled to honor the success of the top-rated wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Community,” said Timothy Chi, CEO, WeddingWire. “Since the launch of the Bride’s Choice Awards™ program four years ago, thousands of outstanding wedding professionals have been recognized by the bridal community for their supreme service and dedication to the wedding industry. It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Dana Markos Events for their continued professionalism and commitment to enriching the wedding planning experience for engaged couples.”

We are happy to announce that Dana Markos Events is one of the very best within the Floral and Event Design industry, within the WeddingWire Network, which includes leading wedding planning sites WeddingWire, Project Wedding,, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Weddingbee. We would like to thank our past clients for taking the time to review our business on WeddingWire. Thanks to their positive feedback we were able to receive the WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ for 2012.

For more information, please visit our WeddingWire Storefront today at

To learn more about the Bride's Choice Awards™, please visit

About WeddingWire, Inc.
WeddingWire™, the nation's leading marketplace serving the $70 billion wedding industry, is the only online wedding planning resource designed to empower both engaged couples and wedding professionals. For engaged couples, WeddingWire offers the ability to search, compare and book over 200,000 reviewed wedding vendors, from wedding venues to wedding photographers. WeddingWire also offers a comprehensive suite of online planning tools for weddings, including wedding websites and wedding checklists, all at no charge. For wedding professionals, WeddingWire is the only all-in-one marketing platform for businesses online and on-the-go. WeddingWire offers one simple solution to build a professional network, improve search visibility, manage social media and reach mobile consumers. Businesses that advertise with WeddingWire appear on, and other leading sites, including (NYSE: MSO), and


2012 Wedding Dress Trends

Looking for a unique but trendy dress for your big day? Thanks to the writers at Washington Post Lifestyle, your search is over! Here are the six most popular wedding dress trends for 2012!

While revealing wedding dresses are never a fan favorite, showing a little skin can be done in a classy way. The slitted wedding dress appropriately shows skin but being sexy in a very subtle way.
Glamour Weddings

Ladies, layers are in!
The great thing about the layered look is its versatility. The dress below is nothing like the one above, yet follows the same layered concept.

Good news for the short dress lover: designers are making tons of them for this year!

Long sleeves and lace is the fourth dress trend for 2012! Thank you Kate Middleton!

The top of this dress is conservative and elegant.

The Capelet Cover Up is perfect for weddings being held in Temples or Synagogues.

A lovely feature of this style is the ability to go from a conservative, covered look to shoulder bearing in an instant! Once your vows are taken and you are greeted as husband and wife outside, you can take off your cover up and show some shoulder!

The last dress trend for the year is the illusion neckline.

Illusion necklines can be as covered or as bear as you would like!

Happy shopping!!

What Goes Into Preparing For An Event!

This past Saturday we had an amazing event at the Ritz in Boston! We decided to take pictures of all the preparation and hard work that goes into putting an event together. For this particular event we were just in charge of the floral arrangements and candle lights. 

One of the first steps to get done is count and clean the candles and the glassware for the candles and flowers. You do not want to show up to an event not prepared so we have to make sure we have enough candles and enough glasses to put the candles in. There were a lot of candles involved in this particular wedding so the interns worked tirelessly getting them to the DME standards, a BIG thank you to them for working so hard! 

Now for the fun part, the flowers arrive! When the flowers arrive we cut the tips of them at an angle creating greater surface area for the flowers to drink and stay looking beautiful and fresh for the big day! For this particular event we received a lot of white hydrangea's which are cut and dipped in alum, to keep them big and beautiful until we put the into the arrangements (BTW this alum trick is just useful for hydrangea's). 

We also received white roses, dendrobium orchids, peony's, rannunculus and dusty miller as well! Each flower has its purpose and place in the floral arrangements and help bring the brides vision come to life. 

After cutting the ends of the flowers and sticking them in water we now began to CREATE. For this particular wedding we created gorgeous centerpieces, boutonnieres and bouquets at the shop before hand as well as made a few arrangements on the day of at the Ritz! 

To make the centerpieces we started by lining the glasses with greens. The purpose of this is to cover the oasis which is a green foam that is soaked in water and shaped to fit in the glassware. The oasis is soaked in water to give the flowers something to drink and stay beautiful from the time we put them together to the end of the ceremony. 

 NOW we have the final products ready to be packed and transported to the venue! 

Thank You to everyone that helped with this wedding! Stay tuned for more pictures to come of the actual event!

We are being featured in The Knot's magazine!

Dana Markos Events is SO thrilled to announce that we are being featured in the Spring 2012 Issue of The Knot’s magazine! We don’t want to give away too many details before it’s released...but think PINK!

Some think of pink as a color that is the ultimate girly girl shade, but depending on your style and theme, pink can actually work really well in your bouquets, centerpieces and arrangements! The beauty of the magenta hydrangea is that it can stand-alone or be combined with other flowers such as anemones and roses. By using the big magenta hydrangeas with some blush and white roses and a touch of greens you can create a beautiful bouquet that has just the right feminine touch!

Just because you have decided on a pink themed wedding does not mean you have to stick to using just pink flowers. You can use many variations of pink in your bouquet, centerpieces and arrangements, from pastels to bright! The monochromatic mix of pinks below looks fresh and fabulous and MIGHT be popping up in a magazine this season... Keep an open mind because colors you never thought of combining may end up looking absolutely fantastic!
These pink cymbidium orchids are stunning and unique, while feminine at the same time. They can also be used to make beautiful boutonnieres, corsages, or to adorn a wedding cake. Single cymbidium blooms may also look delightful as a hair accessory for the bridesmaids or bride. You can use these flowers throughout your whole wedding!

Roses will add romance to any wedding. These pink roses can be mixed with many different flowers to create a unique arrangement. One beautiful way to use roses is as petals down the aisle to create a stunning pathway for the bride. A pink wedding bouquet is a great choice for your wedding and will make you stand out like a princess.

When planning a wedding you must keep track of all of the little details. With a pink themed wedding do not forget things such as the wedding cakes. Flowers can create a magical look for any cake whether you are using real flowers or sugar. These pink roses create the perfect touch to this already gorgeous white cake.
Another great way to add a little more pink in your wedding is by spreading pink rose petals down the isle. This is another little detail that adds a big statement to your big day! 

One of the great things about the color pink is that it can be added to a multitude of other colors and still look gorgeous! The combinations of Pink and Blue, Pink and Orange, Pink and White, even Pink and Green, all look beautiful and elegant. Maybe you’ll think about incorporating this fabulous color into your next big event!

Horoscopes Can Help Pick Your Wedding Date!

Having trouble picking the perfect date for your wedding?

Believe it or not, horoscopes can give you insight into what your big day and your marriage will be like! Depending on which months you are married between, the Zodiac symbol paired with these months give us a sneak peak into what the day will be like. This gives a whole new meaning to customizing your wedding!

Virgo Marriages: August 23-September 22
These marriages have a strong focus which allows for wedding plans to be smoothly executed. Virgo marriages have a sense of duty that supports the love and passion between the couple. Virgos believe that taking responsibility for one another is the right thing to do when making a lifetime commitment. 

Libra Marriages: September 23-October 22
Libra's have incredibly romantic spirits which pale in comparison to the other signs. Though, a couple may choose to be married when the weather is cooling down, colorful weddings and joyful moods warm the day. If you are planning a wedding of rich colors and a laid-back atmosphere, this is the best month to accomplish your goal. Marital spats may be common, yet always resolved with true compromise. 

Scorpio Marriages: October 23- November 21
A deeply emotional atmosphere instills passion into the entire wedding party. The concept of "excellence" will come across in the ceremony and reception. The day will be centered on the story of the couple's love. In married life, the couple will like having lots of private time to explore the joys of their connection.'

Sagittarius Marriages: November 22- December 21
The pure happiness that emanates from the happy couple will create contagious laughter among the bridal party and guests.  Marriages in this month will produce adventure loving families--from hiking mountain chains to camping out in the backyard.  

Capricorn Marriages: December 22- January 19
December weddings do not always have to be chilly! Couples can whisk their guests away to tropical locations to take their vows or enjoy holiday themed weddings. Dignity is the key to Capricorn Marriages. Capricorn marriages will have some characteristics of a business relationship. The couple's love life will be private yet extremely passionate. 

Aquarius Marriages: January 20-February 18
Though the weather may be poor, whichever day the couple chooses will be the most romantic moment of the year! After all, it could be Valentine's day. An Aquarius wedding will feature unconventional elements meant to shock guests. Couples will see the highest potential in one another and work hard to bring it out.

Pisces Marriages: February 19- March 20
This month brings out the most romantic side in Pisces. The couple will strive to display the soft side of their love while planning a magical wedding. The couple may be dreamers, but outsiders will admire the couples' ability to go with the flow as they go through life together. 

Aries Marriages: March 21- April 19
The fiery side of Aries pushes life out of the dreary winter. This is an excellent time for marriage, because love thrives in the fresh atmosphere or springtime. It is important to keep an Aries marriage fresh and exciting. Anniversary getaways to lush destinations such as Hawaii or the Caribbean will keep the marriage alive and exciting.

Taurus Marriages: April 20- May 20
For couples looking at marriage as the next logical step in their relationship, this is the perfect time of the year to take the plunge. The slow, steady and protective energy of Taurus cultivates the ideal conditions for marriage. Couples will be secure and happy. Though, they must be aware of finding themselves stuck in a rut. Sensuality thrives during spontaneous, short trips.

Gemini Marriages: May 21- June 20
Wedding preparations will probably come together all at once. However, people may often be of two minds in their choices of colors, flowers, food, etc. Gemini marriages will be characterized by strong communication between partners verbally and physically.

Cancer Marriages: June 21- July 22
Cancer weddings are always about the food, desserts, love of the couple, family, and friends. Couples often find themselves more concerned with their home, children and the way they interact with relatives than many of their friends. The trick to keeping passion is to designate time for just the couple.

Leo Marriages: July 23- August 22
Guests will go above and beyond to honor the couple. The wedding may include embellishments that make the couple feel like royalty. Leo Marriages are a point of pride for both partners. Each partner is expected to live up to high expectations. 

Information adapted from

Just Engaged? 10 Things Not To Stress Over!

1. Choosing your bridesmaids
      A few weeks after your engagement, you might have a better understanding of who's more excited to plan your wedding and who might be better as one of your wedding guests!

2. Buying your dress
     Perhaps after a few weeks of looking through pictures, magazines, blogs, or trying on dresses.. your taste might change in a surprising way! ( Same goes for your accessories )
3. Your seating chart
     Focus more on the rough estimate of your guest list so you can plan things like your budget and reception venue. 
4. Picking your first song
     Your wedding song can be changed right up to the wedding day
5. Choosing your bridesmaids dresses
     Save your bridesmaids dress shopping until the final theme and look has been planned
6. Planning your honeymoon
    More and more couples are not jetting off on their honeymoon right after the wedding! Spend time researching about your destinations!

7. Choosing your flowers
    Book your florist early on, however you don't actually have to pick the flowers you want right away!
8. All the little details
      Little details like your linens, table settings, and escort cards don't need to be dealt with well after the bigger decisions, like your venue!

9. Buying anything edible
     No more in advance than a month!
10. The legal stuff
       You should be spending more time getting your nails done than paper cuts from paper work! All that stuff can be done after the wedding!

Images -,,

The 10 Beauty Commandments

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on the big day, follow these ten beauty commandments and you will have no problem doing just that!

Photo: CLS Photography

1.     I will not over-accessorize.
2.     I will play up my best feature.
3.     I will fin a veil that works with the shape of my face.
4.     I will not limit myself to a strapless dress.
5.     I will wear metals that match.
6.     I wont hold my bouquet like a trophy.
7.     I wont slouch at the ceremony alter.
8.     I will dance confidently.
9.     I will not crash diet.
10 I will rock my smile.

To see how to follow these rules for your big day please visit:

Selecting a Song for Your First Dance

When the cocktail hour ends, and the Bride and Groom are announced into the reception, traditionally, the couple will head to the center of the dance floor and kick off the night with their First Dance as husband and wife! Selecting the perfect song for this moment can be a little tricky, so we have put together a guide to picking a song that suits your personality and style, without boring everyone with Etta James' At Last for the 100th time.

Do you and your fiancee have a selection of music that you've always considered "your song"? If it already has sentimental meaning to you, why not incorporate it into your first dance? This moment will be the first time you dance with your new spouse, so you want the moment to be special! Maybe the song isn't a traditional love song? Who cares!? As long as the overall theme isn't inappropriate and you would feel comfortable having your grandparents hear it, go for it.

If you prefer to go the more traditional route, and select something with the perfect tempo and beat, think about some recent artists whose music will be sweet and beautiful. Some of Michael Buble's best singles have become the go-to wedding song selection, but if you listen to the rest of the selections on his CDs, you will be pleasantly surprised to find additional songs that would be lovely, and less overplayed!

Maybe you consider your taste in music to be a little less mainstream, and a little more focused on the instrumentals. Artists like Dave Matthews Band and Ben Folds have a variety of songs that would make perfect first dance songs that your guests can enjoy with their easy listening vibes, but won't feel like they've heard it so many times before.

Do you consider yourself and your fiancee to be totally over the top and outrageous? Maybe you want to surprise your guests with a song that screams your personalities. In this case, if your going to go for it, go for it all the way! Pick an exciting and fun song like one of Lady Gaga's hits or even Ke$ha! This first dance is going to be totally different from anything your guests have seen before, so be prepared for some raised eyebrows, especially from the older more traditional friends and family.

No matter what your style may be, picking a song for your first dance is a part of the wedding planning process that the Bride and Groom should do together! Even if you have an old favorite you have been dreaming of using, maybe their is a cover of it by a more contemporary artist your fiancee would prefer to use. Take your time in making the perfect selection, and most importantly, have fun!