The 10 Beauty Commandments

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on the big day, follow these ten beauty commandments and you will have no problem doing just that!

Photo: CLS Photography

1.     I will not over-accessorize.
2.     I will play up my best feature.
3.     I will fin a veil that works with the shape of my face.
4.     I will not limit myself to a strapless dress.
5.     I will wear metals that match.
6.     I wont hold my bouquet like a trophy.
7.     I wont slouch at the ceremony alter.
8.     I will dance confidently.
9.     I will not crash diet.
10 I will rock my smile.

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  1. Short but awesome list =) Every bride has to be at their best on their big day. You have to be beautiful inside in and out. Inner beauty is truly infectious! Thanks for sharing =)


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