2012 Wedding Dress Trends

Looking for a unique but trendy dress for your big day? Thanks to the writers at Washington Post Lifestyle, your search is over! Here are the six most popular wedding dress trends for 2012!

While revealing wedding dresses are never a fan favorite, showing a little skin can be done in a classy way. The slitted wedding dress appropriately shows skin but being sexy in a very subtle way.
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Ladies, layers are in! 

The great thing about the layered look is its versatility. The dress below is nothing like the one above, yet follows the same layered concept.


Good news for the short dress lover: designers are making tons of them for this year!


Long sleeves and lace is the fourth dress trend for 2012! Thank you Kate Middleton!

The top of this dress is conservative and elegant.

The Capelet Cover Up is perfect for weddings being held in Temples or Synagogues.


A lovely feature of this style is the ability to go from a conservative, covered look to shoulder bearing in an instant! Once your vows are taken and you are greeted as husband and wife outside, you can take off your cover up and show some shoulder!

The last dress trend for the year is the illusion neckline. 


Illusion necklines can be as covered or as bear as you would like!

Happy shopping!!

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