Horoscopes Can Help Pick Your Wedding Date!

Having trouble picking the perfect date for your wedding?

Believe it or not, horoscopes can give you insight into what your big day and your marriage will be like! Depending on which months you are married between, the Zodiac symbol paired with these months give us a sneak peak into what the day will be like. This gives a whole new meaning to customizing your wedding!


Virgo Marriages: August 23-September 22
These marriages have a strong focus which allows for wedding plans to be smoothly executed. Virgo marriages have a sense of duty that supports the love and passion between the couple. Virgos believe that taking responsibility for one another is the right thing to do when making a lifetime commitment. 

Libra Marriages: September 23-October 22
Libra's have incredibly romantic spirits which pale in comparison to the other signs. Though, a couple may choose to be married when the weather is cooling down, colorful weddings and joyful moods warm the day. If you are planning a wedding of rich colors and a laid-back atmosphere, this is the best month to accomplish your goal. Marital spats may be common, yet always resolved with true compromise. 

Scorpio Marriages: October 23- November 21
A deeply emotional atmosphere instills passion into the entire wedding party. The concept of "excellence" will come across in the ceremony and reception. The day will be centered on the story of the couple's love. In married life, the couple will like having lots of private time to explore the joys of their connection.


Sagittarius Marriages: November 22- December 21
The pure happiness that emanates from the happy couple will create contagious laughter among the bridal party and guests.  Marriages in this month will produce adventure loving families--from hiking mountain chains to camping out in the backyard.  

Capricorn Marriages: December 22- January 19
December weddings do not always have to be chilly! Couples can whisk their guests away to tropical locations to take their vows or enjoy holiday themed weddings. Dignity is the key to Capricorn Marriages. Capricorn marriages will have some characteristics of a business relationship. The couple's love life will be private yet extremely passionate. 

Aquarius Marriages: January 20-February 18
Though the weather may be poor, whichever day the couple chooses will be the most romantic moment of the year! After all, it could be Valentine's day. An Aquarius wedding will feature unconventional elements meant to shock guests. Couples will see the highest potential in one another and work hard to bring it out.

Pisces Marriages: February 19- March 20
This month brings out the most romantic side in Pisces. The couple will strive to display the soft side of their love while planning a magical wedding. The couple may be dreamers, but outsiders will admire the couples' ability to go with the flow as they go through life together. 

Aries Marriages: March 21- April 19
The fiery side of Aries pushes life out of the dreary winter. This is an excellent time for marriage, because love thrives in the fresh atmosphere or springtime. It is important to keep an Aries marriage fresh and exciting. Anniversary getaways to lush destinations such as Hawaii or the Caribbean will keep the marriage alive and exciting. 


Taurus Marriages: April 20- May 20
For couples looking at marriage as the next logical step in their relationship, this is the perfect time of the year to take the plunge. The slow, steady and protective energy of Taurus cultivates the ideal conditions for marriage. Couples will be secure and happy. Though, they must be aware of finding themselves stuck in a rut. Sensuality thrives during spontaneous, short trips.

Gemini Marriages: May 21- June 20
Wedding preparations will probably come together all at once. However, people may often be of two minds in their choices of colors, flowers, food, etc. Gemini marriages will be characterized by strong communication between partners verbally and physically.

Cancer Marriages: June 21- July 22
Cancer weddings are always about the food, desserts, love of the couple, family, and friends. Couples often find themselves more concerned with their home, children and the way they interact with relatives than many of their friends. The trick to keeping passion is to designate time for just the couple. 


Leo Marriages: July 23- August 22
Guests will go above and beyond to honor the couple. The wedding may include embellishments that make the couple feel like royalty. Leo Marriages are a point of pride for both partners. Each partner is expected to live up to high expectations. 

Information adapted from www.dailyhoroscope.com

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