What Goes Into Preparing For An Event!

This past Saturday we had an amazing event at the Ritz in Boston! We decided to take pictures of all the preparation and hard work that goes into putting an event together. For this particular event we were just in charge of the floral arrangements and candle lights. 

One of the first steps to get done is count and clean the candles and the glassware for the candles and flowers. You do not want to show up to an event not prepared so we have to make sure we have enough candles and enough glasses to put the candles in. There were a lot of candles involved in this particular wedding so the interns worked tirelessly getting them to the DME standards, a BIG thank you to them for working so hard! 

Now for the fun part, the flowers arrive! When the flowers arrive we cut the tips of them at an angle creating greater surface area for the flowers to drink and stay looking beautiful and fresh for the big day! For this particular event we received a lot of white hydrangea's which are cut and dipped in alum, to keep them big and beautiful until we put the into the arrangements (BTW this alum trick is just useful for hydrangea's). 

We also received white roses, dendrobium orchids, peony's, rannunculus and dusty miller as well! Each flower has its purpose and place in the floral arrangements and help bring the brides vision come to life. 

After cutting the ends of the flowers and sticking them in water we now began to CREATE. For this particular wedding we created gorgeous centerpieces, boutonnieres and bouquets at the shop before hand as well as made a few arrangements on the day of at the Ritz! 

To make the centerpieces we started by lining the glasses with greens. The purpose of this is to cover the oasis which is a green foam that is soaked in water and shaped to fit in the glassware. The oasis is soaked in water to give the flowers something to drink and stay beautiful from the time we put them together to the end of the ceremony. 

 NOW we have the final products ready to be packed and transported to the venue! 

Thank You to everyone that helped with this wedding! Stay tuned for more pictures to come of the actual event!

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