Making a Statement By Designing a Tablescape!

Being a part of the Events industry, clients are constantly coming to us with requests to do something bigger and better then the last event they put on! From a floral and design perspective, our clients want something that is going to "Wow!" their guests, and make the venue look really spectacular. One of the best ways to take your centerpieces to the next level is to design a full table scape, instead of the traditional piece placed in the center of the table.
By incorporating a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and objects, a tablescape will strike the eye of all guests for a variety of reasons! Consider utilizing long rectangular tables or even squares, instead of traditional rounds. The set up will allow for a long path of flowers, candles, and who knows what else, to create something new and exciting for your event!

Photography by Ashley O'Dell, Design by Dana Markos Events

While most events will stick to using florals and candles, sometimes it pays off to get a little bit more imaginative and creative! By adding in interesting pieces, you can spark conversation throughout the table and get extra points for being different!
Design by Dana Markos Events
Don't bore your guests with something they have seen done a million times! Make a statement at your next event and take a chance on something dramatic! Your guests will be amazed and you will be proud of the decor at your event!

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