Wearing a Non-traditional Wedding Dress

When little girls fantasize about their future wedding, the first vision they foresee is an adult version of themselves in a fancy white wedding dress! But as they grow older, some women's taste begins to change and by the time they are ready to say "I do!" they have selected something a bit less traditional!

In most recent years, many brides opt for a less traditional poufy wedding dress by selecting a gown that could be worn at any upscale formal event. By sticking with a white color palette the Bride can still feel like this dress is for her wedding, but she will not have to wear the Princess style dress that many choose.


Nicole Miller

Another way that many Brides are changing Wedding Dress standards is by going short! Depending on the weather, especially if you are having a Beach wedding, these dresses can make your Big Day beautiful and easy! 

Short Wedding Dress

Vintage Short Wedding Dress
Some brides like to go completely outside the box and change up traditional fittings, fabrics, colors, and even patterns! On your wedding day, it's all about making YOU happy!

Gwen Stefani

Summer Wedding Gown
Red Texturized Gown
No matter if your current Bridal vision is the same as you when you were a little girl, or if it has evolved into something funky and different, go for it on your wedding day! Don't be afraid of going to far and make sure that your dressing for you!

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