Not Your Average Summer Cookout

Summer is always a popular time of year to have cookouts and get togethers with friends and family. We wanted to share some fun and creative ideas we had to spruce up your summer parties!

To get some flowers for your centerpieces you dont have to go far! Using different fresh cut flowers from your back yard can give your table that extra pop of color that your party needs. You can use simple and easy to find flowers like daisies, tulips or hydrangea and put them in mason jars to give it that extra creative charm.

Another great idea for centerpieces is using fruit like lemons, limes, or even vegetables like cucumbers in the jars along with the flowers. All you have to do is cut them up in half or in slices and float them in the water and put the flowers in on top. This is a fun and super easy way to make it look like a lot more effort went in to preparing for this event! 

If you can't find flowers another fun idea is just put some fruit in vases and add votive candles throughout the table as well! Votives add an elegance to any table with little to no effort! 

Pairing these fun centerpieces with a cute matching tablecloth can make it look like you have been planning this party for months. 

These ideas do not take much time or effort to pull off! They are super easy and fun for any summer event! It will keep your guests amazed and wanting more! 

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Wedding Trend: Ombre

The Ombre trend became popular this past season starting with a hair design which changed single toned hair to have a gradual change from darker to lighter. Since this style became popular, we have seen Ombre style pop up in all kind of ways from clothing to nails! Check out some of the great ideas we have found on how to incorporate Ombre Style into your upcoming wedding!

Whether you are using a single dyed fabric that gradually changes color, or use a variety of linens that once draped on each other show the same effect, Ombre Table Linens give your room a cohesive design without repetition!

Talk with your florist about the different tones of flowers that are available and see if they can come up with something creative and fun for the centerpieces for our reception! Many popular flowers, like roses, are available in a great multitude of shades and tones that will work perfectly for an ombre effect!

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Shake things up with traditional Bridesmaid dresses and consider the ombre flow of color to add a bit of excitement to their outfits! These dresses show how to add a pop of color in a new way!

As the final Ombre element, consider it good enough to eat! These cakes not only look fantastic, but they will be a memorable treat for your guests to enjoy!

When working with a new trend it is important to think about the future, and how it will look in pictures for years to come. With a trend like Ombre, the theme is pretty, but not too over the top so it will be a safe option! 

Keeping it Cool for Your Summer Wedding

The Summer time is by far the most popular time of year for Weddings, especially here on the East Coast! It's hard to resist the idea of a beautiful sunny day for your outdoor ceremony and reception, so we certainly understand why June-September seems to be our busy season! While the warm weather and bright sun gives you the perfect setting, it's important to think of some creative ways to keep your guests cool! 

During an outdoor ceremony, the sun and heat can start to take a toll on your guests, especially if you are right on the beach, or not in a shaded area. A great option to help them stay comfortable is by providing small paper fans at each seat! Don't think of the traditional paper fans we all made out of construction paper in childhood! Many sites have beautiful options that will match the elegance and the decor style of your Wedding!

Check out these gorgeous designs available by Wreathartist on Etsy
Another awesome look by SummerKiwi on Etsy

Another great way to keep your guests out of the heat, is be providing some delicate parasols or sun umbrellas to provide a little bit of shade! These are not only practical but would look adorable in the photos taken of the ceremony!

When welcoming your guests into your ceremony, why not surprise them with a refreshing treat?! From a popsicle in a glass of wine, to a frosty frozen beverage, your guests will feel instantly cooler and be energized to have a great time at your fabulous reception!

Image from Cupcakes Carats and Cocktails
If your hosting your reception outdoors, consider using a tent to provide shade! Many tents even have air conditioning available, which your guests will certainly appreciate, especially once the dancing begins! If a tent isn't your style, you can also have fans and misting fans available to cool down the area  in the event that there is no wind or breeze.

A Tent with out sides to keep the outdoor ambiance

PCS Event Productions

PCS Event Productions

The final element to keeping your guests cool during your Summertime event, is to offer a less formal dress code, especially for the men! Women have it a bit easier in the heat, they can simply wear a light dress without sleeves and stay cool. It's the men who have it tough! Think about how hot it must get when wearing long pants, a button down shirt, a tie around your neck, and a blazer to top it all off! On a 90 degree day, that can not be bearable! Offer your guests a Summer Casual Attire option and your guests will be able to dress down a little and be more comfortable throughout your wedding! 

A Causal but appropriate style for Men attending a Summer wedding

Having a Summer time wedding allows for the perfect photos, and a great vacation like atmosphere for you and your guests! Make everyone comfortable with these tips and the memories will be only of what a fantastic time they had!

One Day Two Dresses

It is becoming more and more popular for brides to wear more then one dress on their big day. Kim Kardashian made it famous by wearing three different dresses on her big day but most brides don’t have the budgets to do the same.

 Many brides are going with two different dresses by opting for a traditional wedding gown for the ceremony and pictures and then change into a fun and flirty dress for the reception. Whether their traditional dress is a full ball gown or something sleek and sexy, both can be pretty hard to dance in and might even be uncomfortable to wear all night. Many girls are going with a short cocktail dress for their reception to get more movement on the dance floor, but recently we have also seen a growing trend in plain silk dresses that give you that extra room to party all night.

Another up and coming trend is having a dress that is two in one. Many designers are making affordable dresses that can go from full ball gown to cute cocktail in just a matter of minutes. As seen in the picture below, this dress has a snap-on ball skirt that is easily removable to transform into a cute cocktail dress.

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The Wedding of Angie and Brett

Just a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of designing the Florals for Angie and Brett's early Summer time wedding! With a charming church, and a rustic and classic reception venue, this wedding was the perfect location for this wonderful couple. 


The Groom wore a simple boutonniere of few greens and two dark purple Fiddleheads. The Bride carried a lush bouquet of yellow roses, white and antique green hydrangea, and purple dendrobium orchids. With the stems covered in ribbon almost to the bottom, and a delicate purple and green beaded bracelet laced around the base, this bouquet was unique and beautiful!  

The bridesmaids wore light yellow dresses and had the perfect delicate bouquets to match! Soft yellow roses and red mini cymbidium orchids, with a variety of greens were elegantly tied with twine to match the rustic feel of the venue



From the Bride to the Bridesmaids, these ladies looked fabulous and elegant for this perfect wedding!


We were very excited to work with a small church that had so much personality! Everything from the stained glass windows, to the wooden pews created the perfect look for this wedding, and we wanted our floral work to match that. By using curly willow tips and a mix of burgundy and yellow cymbidium orchids intertwined, we found the perfect places to hang these unique aisle markers.



The venue for the reception was at a renovated barn on a wonderful farm in Groton MA. The outside was a traditional red barn, but once guests entered the building, they knew there was nothing traditional about this venue! With exceptionally high ceilings, hanging chandeliers, and rustic wooden beams, the reception looked awesome even before we got our hands on it!


The arrangements that we created to enhance the wedding ambiance of this venue were all about playing up the interesting types of flowers, along with using a great variety of colors! The tables were decorated in two different styles. On one table, were large lush arrangements of hydrangea, roses, orchids, and plenty of greens!


The second table had a smaller arrangement of hydrangea in the center, surrounded by a beautiful variety of other vases filled with flowers ranging from roses to orchids!


From the unique location, the beautiful florals, and the perfect amount of candle light, Angie and Brett's Wedding had the perfect ambiance for an elegant evening to celebrate their big day! 



Congratulations to Angie and Brett! We wish you the very best and a lifetime of happiness together!

Many thanks go to Christopher Dumas Photography for the stunning photography! Visit his website at

And another shout out to Donna Kim of The Perfect Details who is an amazing planner and one of our favorite people in the industry!